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RCMP Give Update On Manhunt After Finding Items Linked To The Wanted BC Teens

Officials say the items are "directly linked".
RCMP Give Update On Manhunt After Finding Items Linked To The Wanted BC Teens

We are sad to say that the manhunt for the two B.C. teens suspected of three murders is still underway. After several spottings and updates along the way, the past few days have left much up to the imagination, especially when it came to a mysterious underwater recovery mission. After a great deal of speculation, police have announced that items directly linked to the wanted Northern B.C. teens were uncovered in Manitoba.

According to CTV News, Manitoba RCMP would not give any information as to what these items were, but they said they were found on August 2 along the shoreline of the Nelson River.

It is believed that the findings are, indeed linked to the suspects of three recent murders. The location of the unspecified items was just nine kilometers away from where their broken-down SUV was found.

After the pair, Bryer Schmegelsky, 18, and Kam McLeod, 19, were spotted on surveillance footage in the Gilliam area of Manitoba, these recent findings further confirm their whereabouts in the province. At some point, at least.

A recent tweet by RCMP Manitoba explained that “On Aug 2, several items directly linked to the suspects were found on the shoreline, 9km along the Nelson River. RCMP Underwater Recovery Team did not find additional items.”

In addition to the items, an old, damaged aluminum boat was also found. An Underwater Recovery mission was announced after the discovery of the boat, though it was unclear exactly what the RCMP were looking for.

We don’t know what these items were, but the RCMP seem certain that they are linked to the frightening pair. According to CTV News, officers will remain in the Gillam area. As of now, Schmegelsky and McLeod are wanted for second-degree murder for one person and are suspects in the deaths of two more individuals.

We are eager to see if these new findings lead officials to any more information. Keep your eyes open and stay informed.