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The RCMP Is Hiring & The Starting Salary Is $53,144

You also get paid for training.
RCMP Is Hiring & The Starting Salary Is Over $50,000

Imagine being part of one of Canada's oldest and most respected institutions. It could be your new reality because the RCMP is hiring new recruits. If the job itself isn't enticing enough, the starting pay is over $50,000.

If you make it into the training phase of your application, you will spend 26 weeks at the Depot in Regina.

During that time, you'll receive a $525 a week allowance, with your room, board, training, insurance, and travel paid for. 

Once recruited as a cadet, your salary starts at $53,144 a year, but can increase incrementally to $86,110 in 36 months.

Applying to be the newest recruit to the Mounted Police is definitely a process, but knowing what you need can help make everything a little bit easier.

First, you'll need to make sure that you check out the qualifications and standards for joining up. These include being at least 19 years of age and having either Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status and have lived in Canada for the last 10 years.

On top of that, you'll need a valid driver's license and a secondary school diploma.

You will also need to take vision and hearing exams prior to applying to see if you meet the required standards. There's also a polygraph test to ensure honesty and integrity.

An entrance exam is required during the recruitment process, as well as a physical examination by a RCMP-designated physician.

If accepted, you'll undergo an intensive training program that includes lessons ranging from police sciences and operational conditioning to firearms, defensive tactics, and driving.

Applications are submitted to Canada's jobs website (you can search "RCMP" for officer listings). 

You can also contact a recruiter for more information, or visit any of the RCMP's upcoming recruitment events happening within the next few weeks.

If you think you have what it takes to be one of the newest recruits, then get your applications in soon.