Sometimes escaping everyone and everything for a lakeside vacation is all we need. Or maybe you want to live undisturbed every day of the year. Either way, this dreamy lakeside cottage in B.C. is only accessible by boat, so you can disappear into solitude for as long as you like. The price is pretty attractive, too, which can't always be said about real estate in B.C. 

The house is located in the town of Sicamous, B.C, which is thought to be the halfway point between Calgary and Vancouver. 

Whether you're a Vancouverite or a Calgarian, this lakeside dwelling could be a peak at your summers for years to come. Or, perhaps you're looking to uproot entirely. 

It's up to you whether you're looking to spend the cash on a forever home or you want an awesome lakeside property to spend your summers in.

Either way, there is no harm in feasting your eyes on the photos of this adorable cabin. For the price of $279,000, it can be yours. 

The listing is called "Blk A Tillis Landing Beach" and it's accessible by boat only.

That's right: say goodbye to nosy neighbours because you will be living that private life.

Sitting on the dock by this 680-square-foot cabin will treat you to stunning views of Shuswap Lake, and in a way, you get the lake all to yourself. 

If someone does come to disturb your peace and quiet, you can literally see them coming from a mile away. That's what's so special about this remote spot

According to the description, the cabin is equipped with propane-powered lights and appliances.

It's also got a wood stove and running water. It may be remote but it's certainly got you covered in terms of basic necessities.

We don't know about you but just the phrase "wood stove" gives us the coziest vibes.

If that isn't enough for your liking, this cabin comes with both a beach and a boat deck. 

Why even bother taking expensive flights to fancy tropical locations when you can spend your days just lying on the sand and dipping your feet in the cool water. 

All the greenery that surrounds the cabin on the other side isn't too shabby, either. 

It's like a vacation but you technically never have to leave. And even if you have to go to the mainland for groceries, you can savour some breathtaking views of the water as you're floating along on your boat. 

The listing does advise that you get your measurements precise so you have no issues docking at the property. 

Whether you want a second home or you're looking to make that perfect first purchase, this adorable cabin by the lake should be right up your alley. 

Blk A Tillis Landing Beach

Price: $279,000

Address: Sicamous, BC

Description: A adorable, affordable lakeside cottage that you can give you ultimate solitude and peace via boat-only access. 

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