Are you tired of your run-down bachelor unit? Well, you might be surprised to discover what you can afford without breaking the bank. Some neighbourhoods the city are known for having cheaper rentals than others, and your money can go much further outside of the downtown core. To help find somewhere incredible to live, we've made a list of what some average of $1,500 Calgary apartments look like across the city.

Thankfully compared to other cities like Toronto and Vancouver, here it is much more affordable. According to rental report, this year, the average rental will be $1,405 a month.

Calgary has a ton of options. You can get a modern condo downtown that looks straight out of a home decorating show.

Or you can enjoy a spacious house, that would be perfect for sharing with some of your friends.

Each of the listings boasts unique features, so chances are one will fit your needs.

You'll just need to ask yourself if you want a cozy three-bedroom with a fireplace or a more pedestrian-friendly condo that is close to everything.

Who knows, you might even find a more affordable option so you can save to purchase the home of your dreams!

This is what you can currently get for $1500 a month in different Calgary neighbourhoods:

Greenland Townhouse

Price: $1450

Address: 401 Grier Ave. NE., Calgary, AB

Description: This roomy three-bedroom townhouse has in-unit laundry, a dishwasher, and some utilities included in the rent (heating and water). Plus, you can save $150 per month by signing a lease.

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Crescent Heights Condo

Price: $1350

Address: 337 5 Ave. NE., Calgary, AB

Description: Just a quick walk from Rotary Park, this two-bedroom unit has a large kitchen island to give you plenty of space when cooking. It also has in-suite laundry, and heating and water included in the rent.

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Chic Beltline Apartment

Price: $1489

Address: 1313 13 Ave. SW., Calgary, AB

Description: This pet-friendly building could be your dream place to live as it is simply stunning. Inside the building, you can also enjoy the fitness facility and community room too.

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Spacious Marlborough House

Price: $1295

Address: 1431 42 St. NE., Calgary, AB

Description: This large three-bedroom home is perfect if you are looking for somewhere to live with one to two other people.

If you've gathered up a collection of tons of stuff, this would be the perfect spot for you. As it not only has a basement but a double garage that offers more storage space than you could ever need.

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Bridgeland Two Bedroom

Price: $1200

Address: 641 Meredith Rd. NE., Calgary, AB

Description: This two-bedroom rental has a long balcony with a gorgeous view of downtown. Once the warm weather arrives, it would be a great spot to sip cocktails with friends. Heating and water are also included in the rent fee.

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Glamorgan 3-Bedroom Unit

Price: $1349

Address: 47 Glamis Dr. SW., Calgary, AB

Description: If you are willing to move away from downtown, you can enjoy this roomy three-bedroom house. The fireplace in the living room would be the ultimate spot to curl up and get cozy when it is cold outdoors.

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Hillhurst One-Bedroom

Price: $1500

Address: 1150 Memorial Dr. NW., Calgary, AB

Description: You could move into this luxurious condo that looks straight from a design magazine. The location means you are only a short walk from stores, parks and restaurants.

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Falconridge Townhouse

Price: $1298

Address: 411 Falconridge Gardens NE., Calgary, AB

Description: This modern townhouse has everything you could want. It has hardwood floors, in-suite laundry, a sweet modern kitchen, and even a parking spot.

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