If you love living a colourful life, then you'll fall for this incredible Calgary condo. Anderson Estates is an incredible heritage building built in 1912. The vintage vibes of this place will take you straight to New York City.

This pet-friendly Lower Mount Royal one-bedroom condo is on the second floor of a coral-coloured apartment building. It's for sale right now for just under $300,000 and makes the perfect pied-à-terre if you'd rather be in Manhattan.

You might be able to get a house for less, but you can't beat this apartment's walkable location. Plus, the bigger your house, the more you fill it with junk.

If you want a condo to call home but don't want to live in a sterile shoebox, then this flat could be your dream home.

Inside, the ceilings are ten feet high and many walls are painted a rich saturated teal colour. Black paint trim around the windows and along the baseboards make the apartment feel luxurious.

It feels airy but still urban and it's as close as you can get to a covetable NYC apartment right here in Alberta. This place is perfect if you're ready to make the jump from simply renting in Calgary to getting into the market.


Anyone who's been on the fence about getting into the real estate market in Calgary will be inspired to put a bid into this magical home.

The lobby of the building looks as if untouched since the place was built. That cage-looking thing is actually a real, working, brass "birdcage elevator."

The small kitchen will make you feel like you're in the close quarters of a big city.

Its bright and gleaming white tiles make it seem a tiny bit bigger than it really is and you won't mind spending time here pretending to live that NYC life.

Calgary NYC-Style Condo

Price: $299,800

Address: 104 - 804 18 Ave. SW., Calgary, Alberta

Description: Take a bite out of the big apple while staying in YYC at this unique condo with NYC style.

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