Are you obsessed with Outer Banks? If you've already binged watched the first season on Netflix, then you have to see this house in Canada. There is an Alberta mansion for sale that is so fancy you should only buy it if you are ready to go "full kook."

Forget Pogue life, if you can find enough cash you can live just like the rich people in the Outer Banks. The eye-catching Magrath Mansion in Edmonton is now for sale, and it is so grand it will make your jaw drop. 

The exterior is so stately it looks like something you would find deep south USA. 

Not only is it gated with massive pillars and two-floor veranda, but there is a colossal fountain that screams "I have money." But wait until you see the interior. 

It is so fancy it doesn't have regular wood floors. Nope, in here, the ground is a work of art with swirling patterns so pretty you are going to want to take off your shoes when you step inside.

The entire building feels like stepping back in time. You never see houses like this anymore. There are crystal chandeliers and fireplaces everywhere you look.

If that wasn't impressive enough, some of the gorgeous walls are even hand-painted, so you have large scale artwork.

As you might expect from a mansion, there is no shortage of space. Inside the 7385 square feet building overlooking the River Valley, you'll find six bedrooms and five bathrooms.

With so many spaces, you could practically sleep in a different bedroom every night of the week.

If you love cars, you certainly will have enough room to store all your vehicles too. There is a three-car garage with an elevator for your car.

It is time to break your piggy bank. This one of a kind gem in Edmonton is listed at $5,250,000.

Magrath Mansion

Price: $5,250,000

Description: You'll feel like the King or Queen of the Kooks in this regal Albertan home.

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