Checking out properties we may actually be able to afford one day is out love language. Living on an island is the ultimate dream, and what you may not know is that owning a home on a B.C. island isn’t an impossible task. We found six prospects. From ocean views to massive backyards, these homes have all the island living perks you are looking for. Time to start budgeting. 

You don’t have to wait until you win the lottery to own a home. 

Living on one of B.C.’s many islands is a life goal for many, ourselves included. From the ocean views to the luscious green landscapes, the islands are where it’s at. 

Thankfully for all of us, living on an island doesn’t mean we have to drain our bank accounts entirely. 

While there are tons of luxury homes, there are also lots of places on the more affordable side. 

We did a little digging around and found six adorable houses on various B.C. islands that are for sale right now. 

All the houses are under $1,000,000 which is a little more doable than the ones we often see with a couple more zeros at the end. 

Each of the houses offers something unique so you are bound to find something to your liking. Just remember to invite us to your house warming party. 

936 Darwin Avenue 

Price: $599,900

Address: 936 Darwin Ave., Victoria, BC 

Why You Need It: This two-bedroom, two-bathroom home has ample space and the cutest sunroom. It’s perfect if you’re interested in living on the island but are looking for a starter home. 

240 Callaghan Crescent 

Price: $699,000

Address: 240 Callaghan Cres., Mayne Island, BC

Why You Need It: This picture-perfect property has amazing ocean views. It feels like a cabin and it's ideal for anyone who's into spending their downtime in the outdoors. 

125 Victoria Road 

Price: $339,000

Address: 125 Victoria Rd., Nanaimo, BC

Why You Need It: Built in 1911, this home has some serious character. The ceilings are super high and the kitchen is huge making it the perfect place to entertain. 

6050 Pine Ridge Crescent 

Price: $389,900

Address: 6050 Pine Ridge Cres., Nanaimo, BC

Why You Need It: It’s the perfect starter home if you're interested in living that island life. The yard is huge and it’s fully landscaped which means you can have an epic garden alongside your already planted and thriving fruit trees. 

3120 Yew Street

Price: $849,000

Address: 3120 Yew St., Victoria, BC

Why You Need To Buy: With four-bedrooms and two-bathrooms, this 2,015-square foot house has more than enough room for everyone. The home has big windows so the natural sunlight will brighten up literally every room, and there's even a massive backyard for all you green-thumbed gardeners. 

105 Island Park Drive 

Price: $870,000

Address: 105 Island Park Dr., Galiano Island, BC

Why You Need It: This custom built home is right in the middle of all the beautiful landscapes you can handle. The views of the ocean from the living room are gorgeous and will become part of your new island living lifestyle. 


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