It's not often you get to meet a legend, but to live in their home and grind on their personal skateboard bowl is unthinkable. At least it was because now Kyle Dion put his home up for sale. This legendary B.C. skateboard house could be yours for about $850,000.

This unmistakable home is found in a "prime West Maple Ridge location," according to the listing, and hosts five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and over 1,800 square feet of room.

But best of all is the "massive south exposed rear yard with a professionally installed concrete skateboard bowl" that's a treasure for skaters.

For what you're getting at that price point, this home makes Vancouver's housing look bad. It's no gold-plated mansion or castle-like chalet, but its history makes up for it.

The home has been with Dion's family for 46 years and has seen him and his brothers grow up and start families of their own.

Now he's looking for a bigger place and it's on the market.

According to the Vancouver Sun, the skate bowl was built in 2016 as a birthday gift to his then 13-year-old son.

However, according to Angela Stephen-Dewhurst, who grew up next door to the house and is now helping to sell it, the Dion family was always skating there.

"When we were in high school they had a vert ramp in the yard, like wood," she said to Narcity.

"The guys will go and skate and everyone would go and hang out either on the top of the ramp or on the porch and just watch."

Stephen-Dewhurst said Dion was always an advocate for skating, and that kids could always be heard skating in his signature skate bowl.

"The skate parks always had a bit of a bad reputation and he always thought they were a really positive thing for kids," she said.

While Dion hopes the next family who inherits his home would raise kids who would grow to love skateboarding as much as he does, he also said that he's willing to remove the skate bowl if requested.

"If someone were to buy it and didn't want it, he could remove it. But he's really hoping not to, not just because of the work but for sentimental reasons," said Stephen-Dewhurst.

"We're hoping to hoping to have some sort of happy ending with a family in there with kids with skateboard," said Stephen-Dewhurst.

The Dion Family Home

Price: $850,000

Address: 20824 Stoney Avenue, Maple Ridge, BC

Description: A storied and iconic family home of a local skateboard legend. It comes with a massive concrete skate bowl.

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