Get ready for some serious upgrades coming to Metro Vancouver. One of the most popular BC Ferries terminals in the province is getting an expensive facelift. Altogether, an investment of $500 million will upgrade the Horseshoe Bay terminal to the point where it looks unrecognizable. In order to make the most out of the upgrades, BC Ferries is asking the public for their input on the design.

According to a BC Ferries press release, the Horseshoe Bay terminal, located just one hour away from Vancouver, is getting a serious facelift. In order to ensure its success, the company is offering an online engagement session from now until October 13, 2019. 

This online engagement will allow customers to explore the concepts created by BC Ferries. 

“We’ve developed these draft concepts with what we heard, and now we want to further define them with more input from the community,” said Mark Wilson, BC Ferries’ Vice President, Strategy & Community Engagement.

“The Horseshoe Bay terminal plays a significant role in connecting communities and customers. This makes it a good time to get more detailed input on how we improve the terminal to meet the community’s future growth and emerging needs.”

This rebuilding is anticipated to be completed through two different phases over the next several years. Altogether, the phases will cost $500 million. 

According to the BC Ferries website, Phase 1 of the project will focus on making the terminal more efficient by providing improvements and upgrades to existing infrastructure. 

Their main goal with Phase 1 is to ensure that people can get to and from easier and with less stress. BC Ferries has released renderings on their website and it looks unrecognizable.

Altogether, eight proposed changes for Phase 1 have been detailed on the website. This will include upgrades to the holding area, a new canopy on the terminal building, adding a second exit road, realigning berths, and creating a new waiting area for foot passengers. 

Phase 1 will also see the addition of a new story on the terminal building and noise mitigation techniques in the form of a green wall. 

Phase 2 of the development will transform the terminal into a “hub for the community.” This hub will act as the focal point for transportation, pedestrians, transit users, and drivers. 

According to BC Ferries, Phase 2 would provide for the local economy by introducing a public commercial space with easy access to the village and waterfront. 

Seven proposed changes have been detailed on the website which includes publicly accessible plaza space, integration with the waterfront park, transit bays, underground parking, easier access to the terminal for passengers and cyclists as well as a new terminal building to enhance customer experience. 

Now it’s your chance to give your feedback. All you have to do is visit the BC Ferries website. 

Here you will see the renderings and a more detailed description of what the proposed changes would be. All you have to do is vote on whether or not you support it and why. 

Hopefully, with these new upgrades, none of the ferries will completely freeze over in port! 

While there is no exact date in mind, BC Ferries has stated that construction for the first phase is expected to begin in the mid-2020s. 

Let's count our blessings that we have terminals like this. People in Toronto are actually advocating for a water taxi service.

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