Why visit a public beach when you can own a lakefront property? There is a beachfront cottage in B.C. for sale right now and it’s actually super cheap. The Shuswap house for sale is just over $260,000, so for a small price, this cute little weekend home could be yours. 

B.C. has some incredibly gorgeous bodies of water. 

From crystal clear blue lakes to the vast whale-filled ocean, the water that surrounds B.C. is one of the province's main attractions. 

Living along one of these lakes is definitely ideal and generally speaking, it can be expensive. After all, you are paying for the view. 

But we stumbled upon a lakeside cabin for a deal that is too good not to share. Now this baby doesn't exactly look like a brand new penthouse and it's surely got its quirks. But hey, the price is right. 

For only $266,000, you can be the proud new owner of this lakefront cottage and it's just so quaint and adorable. 

The property is literally steps away from the water which means that you can sip your morning coffee and evening wine with your toes in the sand. 

The unique aspect of this property is that there are two cabins on the lakefront space. They aren’t massive and altogether, they are 992 square feet. 

It’s honestly all the space you need considering you will probably be spending your time outside. 

Located along the Shuswap Lake, you will have access to a boat launch which is good considering you can only get there via boat from Sicamous or Totem Lodge on the Sunnybrae side. 

Since the cabin is only boat accessible, the property is completely private. 

With no neighbours, you don’t have to worry about getting a noise complaint or having to make small talk.  

The listing even says it is a great purchase for a family or friends. 

And with that price, you won't break the bank buying property

Shuswap Lake Cottage 

Price: $266,000

Address: 00 S Crescent Bay South Beach Sunnybrae, Sunnybrae, B. C.

Description: A lakefront property is all you need to make your summer dreams a reality. 

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