Just because you're a thrillseeking adventurer doesn't mean you don't deserve to live in luxury. This B.C. ski cabin is more like a mountainside castle, fully loaded with everything from a helipad to a fireplace that doubles as a climbing wall. Visitors will hardly remember they came to hit the slopes in the first place.

This private Revelstoke ski lodge near Mount Mackenzie comes with over 6,800 square feet of rustic, hand-carved glory. Its six soundproof bedrooms can sleep 16 people, and there'll be no waiting in line for the shower with the eight baths.

Just like any good over-the-top cabin, its amenities include a hot tub, built-in movie theatre, games room, wine cellar, wet bar, and massage room.

In its past, it provided lodgings for "entrepreneurs, world class heli skiiers, international tourists, families, and business leaders." And, for a mere six million dollars, it can be yours.

As the owner, you can continue to rent out the lodge as a skier's paradise and rake in the cash, as there are still bookings in place from 2020 to 2022. Or you could close it off to the public and convert it to your own private mansion.

Imagine waking up every morning to a top-of-the-line skiing experience, home in your own tricked-out alpine mansion.

If you ever get tired of the usual ski trip, hop in the chopper for an adrenaline-pumping heli-ski down the powdered slopes.

The lodge is located just a 12-minute drive from the downtown core of Revelstoke, so don't worry about being cut off from the convenience of city life.


It really doesn't get any more Canadian than making your home in the mountains. I'm growing a lumberjack beard just looking at the place.

Bison Lodge

Price: $5,999,999

Address: #3 2080 Mackenzie Court, Revelstoke, BC

Description: This ultra-luxurious ski lodge on Mount Mackenzie is all a mountain lover could wish for.

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