Growing up, we always wanted to have a million dollars to buy a giant mansion with a pool. These days, a million doesn't go very far, even if you have it. These seven Vancouver homes worth over $1,000,000 show what the actual, crazy reality of homeownership is like in Vancouver right now.

Now, this isn't to say that all Vancouver homes are bad — in fact, many are quite nice and even affordable.

However, as real estate and insurance prices continue to climb, they are becoming harder and harder to find.

But you're not here to see mansions plated with gold or dreamy Parisian mansions. You're here because you're above all that.

You've transcended lesser feelings like comfort or beauty, and no longer feel attached to material possessions like money or land. You have reached enlightenment, and deserve a home that reflects that truth.

Or maybe you’re a broke millennial like us. Maybe you’re simply looking for a laugh at the housing selling for millions out here.

Whatever the case might be, we went and found some of the most shocking places selling for high prices on the market right now. Trust us — these are not pretty.


Price: $1,250,000

Address: 786 E. 45th Ave., Vancouver, BC

Description: Having gathered great wisdom in its 90 years of age, CUBE is home to a treasure trove of lived experiences.

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Dream Home

Price: $1,250,000

Address: 6791 Main St., Vancouver, BC

Description: When you think "million-dollar home," this is probably a little off-base from what you're picturing. This perfectly unremarkable home is exemplary of the craziness that is our real estate market.

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New Opportunities

Price: $2,500,000

Address: 2848 E. Broadway Ave., Vancouver, BC

Description: The paint might be peeling a bit, but this tidy home is a good redevelopment opportunity.

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Bargain Buy

Price: $1,098,000

Address: 4995 St Catherines St., Vancouver, BC

Description: It has air conditioning, so, that's something?

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Price: $1,189,000

Address: 518 Keefer St., Vancouver, B.C.

Description: Are you obsessed with Tetris? This 110-year-old house is perfect for those who like small spaces, having been wedged impossibly tight between two buildings. As a bonus, "the home is currently not livable and requires complete renovation in order to obtain occupancy permit," according to the posting.

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Mi Casa

Price: $3,088,000

Address: 3336 W. 35th Ave., Vancouver, BC

Description: When you return home from a long day at the money factory, you can come home to this stunner.

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The Vancouverite

Price: $6,180,000

Address: 2037 Allison Rd., Vancouver, BC

Description: This 70-year-old structure can be found near UBC. It has a lovely view of the campus, the mountains, and the infinitely inflating Vancouver real estate market. 

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