Anyone who has gone apartment hunting in the last few years knows the situation. Canada's rental prices are high, and finding an affordable place can be tough. Luckily, there are some options across the country that are attainable for a reasonable monthly cost.

It might not seem like it, but there are apartments and living spaces in every province for right around $1,000 a month.

Sure, that's still a bit pricey for some people, but considering that the average rent across Canada is around $1,574, a grand for 30 days suddenly doesn't seem so harsh.

Some areas don't really offer anything for this low of a price. Cities in British Columbia and Ontario will typically only offer the bare minimum for this amount.

However, there are some real gems to be had in places like Winnipeg and Saskatoon.

We took a look at just what kind of living space you can get for $1,000 in each province.

The quality of these apartments varies, but in some cases, you may end up paying less. Saving money is never a bad thing, right?

This list starts in the west and moves further east, uncovering what's available across Canada.

6199 Birch St., Richmond, BC

Price: $800

If you think you'll be able to get a place of your own for less than $1,000 monthly in B.C., then you will be sorely disappointed.

However, if you don't mind a couple of roommates (one of them is the owner in this case), this cozy, well-maintained apartment might be just right.

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9140 144 Ave. - Edmonton, AB

Price: $999

This listing may not look as fancy as some others you'll see, but for two (that's right, two) bedrooms, plus newer appliances, you can't really complain. Plus, you've got laundry facilities onsite and your own balcony.

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4234 - 4238 Degeer St., Saskatoon, SK

Price: $999

The wooden wall and fireplace are a really nice touch in this Saskatoon spot. Once again, you can get two bedrooms and 825 square feet for just under a grand a month. The building is transit-adjacent and close to the University of Saskatchewan, making it well-suited for students.

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283 Portage Ave., Winnipeg, MB

Price: $937

This space is what is known as a "micro-apartment." While it may not offer a ton of space, it is well lit by plenty of windows and has a picturesque kitchen complete with an island. This is the perfect space for someone who prefers not to feel walled in.

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297-301 Baseline Rd. W., London, ON

Price: $1,000

This one bedroom in London, Ontario is all about location. You're only minutes from everything you could ever need, including grocery stores, restaurants, and even the public library. Along with modern appliances, you also get lots of closet space.

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3094 des Châtelets St., Québec City, QC

Price: $755

You're really saving a bundle on this apartment. If your budget is $1,000, then you're saving $245 monthly on a one-bedroom. These units are bright, well-lit, and the building has plenty of amenities. Those include a pool and tennis court.

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9-28 Polaris Ct., 9-33 Christopher Court, Saint John, NB

Price: $835

This bright two-bedroom unit has been recently renovated and would be the perfect living space for tenants of any age. 

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1030 South Park St., Halifax, NS

Price: $1,045

A bachelor unit in this building may run just over a grand a month, but here's the thing: you get access to a gym. That means that you can at least save money on getting fit.

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10 By Way Ave., Cornwall, PEI

Price: $1,300

Unfortunately, if you're thinking about renting a place on Prince Edward Island, you won't find anything for $1,000. The closest you'll get is this two-bedroom apartment. At least it comes with a washer and dryer in the unit!

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170 Torbay Rd., St. John's, NL

Price: $965

If you're ever thinking about heading out to the Rock to start fresh, know that you can find decent deals on apartments, like this cozy two-bedroom. A number of units in the building have been upgraded as well. Just be prepared for some snowy winters.

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