If you’ve been inspired by years of watching MTV Cribs and you’re looking for your own celebrity-style pad, look no further! Of all the beautiful mansions in Ontario, this “manor house” has more bathrooms than days of the week, and it even has a private library. With huge gold bath taps and a massive backyard pool, this is probably the most bougie property for sale right now in Ottawa, and it doesn't get more extra than this!

If you’re lucky enough to have an easy $3 million in your back pocket, this could be yours. This incredible Ottawan "manor house" is currently up for sale with Engel & Völkers, and it has everything you could ever want from a multi-million dollar mansion.

Unfortunately for the majority of us, luxury always comes with a big price tag, and this high-end property will set the buyer back an eye-watering $2,990,000. Yikes!

That said, it's not hard to appreciate all of the unique and super extra features of the property, which makes it a perfect dream-home for anyone inspired by celebrity culture and lifestyle.

According to the listing on the Engel & Völkers website, the Manor of Arlington Woods is a “stately and elegant manor that has been refined with a level of opulent luxury.”

The listing goes on to describe the property as “resort-like,” and says the home would be “appreciated by a connoisseur of the finer things in life.”

If you need any more convincing that this property is as extra as they come, there’s a drinks bar in the living room, a walk-in “butler’s pantry” near the kitchen and even a whole room specifically for catering fridges.

If you think that this house sounds like the perfect place to host guests - it is. Parking won’t be a problem as the property has space for more than 10 vehicles, and with seven full bathrooms and two half-bathrooms, there won’t be a wait for the toilet either!

If you were thinking that downstairs is fancy, then upstairs is no different. According to the listing, the second floor has “a two-storey atrium complete with a gallery library accessed by a spiral stair.”

The description continues, “A balcony loft overlooks the living room, perfect for watching soirees below or a unique spot for live musicians to entertain guests at a dinner party.”

If all of this wasn’t crazy enough already, the listing describes a “gift-wrapping room” (what?!) on the second floor, as well as a powder room, billiard room, wine cellar and storage room.

If you’ve got an easy $3 million to spend on a luxury property, and a billiard room, a butler’s pantry and 9 bathrooms are all home-essentials for you - look no further.

For the rest of us, we’ll probably manage to live without a gift-wrapping room … until next Christmas anyway!

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