Finding somewhere to live in Toronto is pretty difficult when it comes to trying to save some money. The 6ix rental market is so crazy expensive at the moment that people are often inclined to move out of the city to live a more affordable life. If you're on the same boat but don't necessarily want to leave Toronto behind, there are some cheap GTA houses for rent that might be in your price range and they're perfect to share among you and a couple of friends.

Here's a list of seven amazing houses in the GTA that you can rent out and live with your friends. The rental price ranges between $500 to $800 per person per month, which seems much better than living with strangers or finding a place on your own. Or, check out these apartments across the city!

38A Marcia Avenue, North York

Price: $4,400 per month, 7 bedroom = $628.55 each

Why You Need It: This seven-bedroom house has enough space for everyone! With an in-home library, you won't even have to leave your house to study. The house also has two kitchens, one on the main floor and basement, and four bathrooms.

3 Lookout Place, North York

Price: $3,500 per month, 5 bedroom = $700 each

Why You Need It: With Toronto's current rental market, this house is a dream come true. Split this with four of your friends and pay just $700 plus utilities each. This house is super well-located, too, close to Yorkdale and just about a 30-minute drive from downtown.

1 Toba Drive, North York

Price: $4,400 per month, 6 bedroom = $733.30 each

Why You Need It: This house has a pool so you can make the most of the nice fall weather! Life just got a whole lot better with a house like this. There's a pretty modern kitchen and a big basement. The house also has two fireplaces. With six bedrooms, $733.30 each isn't too bad for a house this nice.

36 Mossgrove Trail, North York

Price: $4,300 per month, 6 bedroom = $716.65 each

Why You Need It: If you're looking for a place to call home, you'll want to live in this neighbourhood. With six bedrooms,  you can share this house with your friends and pay $716.65 each. Best of all, it's spacious and well-located, so if you were going to pay this much for rent anyway elsewhere, you might as well round up five of your closest friends and live in this cozy abode!

59 St. Ives Crescent

Price: $2,900 per month, 5 bedroom = $580

Why You Need It: This looks like a new house in the area, and you can be the first ones to try it out! The house comes with new appliances and huge rooms. You and four friends can pay $580 each plus utilities which honestly sounds like a pretty sweet deal. 

12 King Maple Place, North York

Price: $4,100 per month, 6 bedroom = $683.35 each

Why You Need It: This house was partially renovated in 2017 with new flooring and toilets, and the listing also states the house boasts a wet bar, which isn't bad at all! The lounge and kitchen area look majestic as furnished in the photos. With six bedrooms, rent comes to about $683.35 each plus utilities.

39 Redcastle Crescent, Scarborough

Price: $2,900, 5 bedroom = $580

Why You Need It: With an updated kitchen and new bathroom in the basement, this house has a lot to offer. The basement is a perfect spot for hosting movie nights or just having a couple of friends over. The backyard also has a great spot to add a patio table and chairs for a great hangout! With five bedrooms at $580 each plus utilities, this place can't be beat.

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