Who doesn’t love a good fixer-upper? A defunct Ontario church for sale is offering home buyers a chance to save something old and turn it into something new. Say goodbye to saving for million-dollar cottages you could never afford and hello to this once in a lifetime real-estate project.

2188 Stisted Rd. S. is a home that needs as much love and imagination as you can muster.

The place, which was originally a Methodist church, was built way back in 1897. So, if you’re a history buff that loves to dwell in old haunts, you should take advantage of this deal.

The unique property is less of a home and more of a project at the moment, which makes it great for creative types.

Seriously, just imagine what its spacious interior could be turned into with the right mind and hands behind the wheel.

The spot offers plenty of opportunity to those looking to invest in real estate. It could be remade into anything from a historic cabin to a music venue.

As with most things that have been around for a hundred years, there are a few modern luxuries that are due to be installed.

First and foremost would be a sewage system. No one likes doing their business in an outhouse.

Despite its appearance, the little church isn’t as isolated as it seems.

In fact, the spot is a walkable distance from a small town, so you won’t have to worry about stocking up on survival food.

However, you’ll still feel far enough away to enjoy your well-earned solitude if need be.

Ontario is chock-full of unique gems such as this one. If you find yourself longing to gaze up at the stars, you should check out this whacky home that lets you do just that.

Ontario Church

Price: $79,900

Address: 2188 Stisted Rd. S., Sprucedale, ON

Description: A unique fixer-upper that offers plenty of opportunities to creative minds.

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