Who says you need to break the bank to live large? This Ontario cottage for sale is less than an average Toronto condo and comes with its own waterfront view. You'll feel like you've transported somewhere tropical after moving into this spot. 

7740 Birch Drive, located in Washago, ON, is a three-bedroom waterfront cottage that offers plenty of wiggle room.

The large home sits on a private lot overlooking the water, so you can wake up in the morning with glistening views. 

The cottage is surrounded by lush greenery, which offers plenty of privacy from neighbours.

You’ll feel like you're on your own island, without the hassle of boating out to it. 

Its backyard features a firepit that offers scenic views.

The well-positioned spot looks perfect for late-night summer hangouts where you can roast s'mores with all of your friends. 

As with the most exciting deals, the place does come with a catch. The interior, though spacious, is unfinished.

You’ll need imagination, but you would be able to do so much with the massive interior of this cottage. 

It's also the perfect spot to escape the high prices of the city.

While the average Toronto condo goes for around $574,000, this massive home is going for $525,000. 

If you’re looking for something in a similar price range that doesn’t require the maintenance, you should check out this gorgeous and affordable home.

It comes with 3-bedrooms and is situated on an island near Toronto. 


Lakefront Cottage 

Price: $525,000

Address: 7740 Birch Dr., Washago, ON

Description: A spacious fixer-upper that is perfect for anyone with a little imagination. 

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