Have you ever wanted to live in a secluded paradise of lush green perfection? It's so nice to dream about, but for some people, this kind of lifestyle is actually a reality. This fairytale mansion for sale in Caledon is a perfect example of what it's like to live in a home far, far away.

Stepping right out of a storybook, this mansion has its own pond with lilypads and a gazebo, making this 10.6-acre plot of land something of its own personal kingdom.

It even has an observatory with a telescope and glass walls where you can gaze up at the stars all night long. 

It's a 7 bedroom, 13 bathroom castle with a 15,000 square foot interior, a two-story library, and a retro-style diner. 

Pictures of this gem will transport you into a dream world of another kind of life that most of us can only imagine. The city life that so many of us are used to is nothing compared to this spacious home. 

This is especially true because we often lack a certain peace and quiet atmosphere that this home offers. The dream-like reality that it offers is a rare find in the real estate world where locations are often as close to amenities as possible. 

This place, on the other hand, offers something completely opposite, and that is, it takes you as far away from other people as possible, which is a luxury few can afford.


There is no hint of anyone in sight, and the stone exterior makes you feel like you've stumbled across a hidden castle in the middle of a forest. 

Now, for the interior, which is completely different than what you may expect. It has a mixture of retro, modern, and slightly Victorian-era vibes, blending the house into a dream home. 


The tiles and colour scheme of this diner is like something out of the 50s, including those bar stools. But then it also has those ultra-modern metal chairs and glass walls. 

This would be a great place to entertain your guests for a retro-themed party. 

Then we go into this living room and lounge area which seems like it belongs to a totally different house.

The elaborate furniture is very Victorian-style. We could imagine the Queen of England sitting here having tea. 

The terrace also has its own look that is nothing like the living room or diner.

It reminds us more of a resort in the Caribbean somewhere. The versatility of this place is pretty great. You can live in totally different realities just by changing rooms. 

This stone kitchen is super modern with a very unique ceiling. The atmosphere in that room is grandioise yet homey. 

The observatory is probably our favourite rooms. It's got a very minimalist vibe but with a translucent roof and glass walls that make you feel like you're outside while still having a roof over your head.

Rainy days must be so magical here. 

9 Flaherty Ln. 

Price: $5,800,000

Address: 9 Flaherty Ln., Caledon, ON

Description: This six-bedroom home will make you feel like you're in a different decade with every room you walk through. 

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