A property's history can be surprisingly juicy, especially if it's been involved in crime. This bright and sunny house at 23 Kintyre Avenue, was once a Toronto Hells Angels clubhouse. Neighbours in the area have shared the conflicted history of the place, and some of it is wild.

For example, this unassuming looking home at Queen and Broadview has deep roots with motorcycle gang culture occupancy.

The Hells Angels weren't the first biker gang to have a base at 23 Kintyre Avenue in Toronto.

It was also the stomping grounds of another group of Canadian motorcycle outlaws, Satan's Choice Motorcycle Club.

According to Toronto Realtor Scott Ingram, who posted about his findings of the history of the place, there was even a pipe bomb attack there in 1995.

According to the current owner, Mark Wilson, who spoke to CTV News, the bombing caused damage to nearby property.

Light bulbs exploded and windows were blown out across the neighbourhood, according to accounts he's heard from neighbours.

The Hells Angels used it from December 2000 to 2008, according to a tweet from Ingram.

Since then, the Riverside residence was sold by the Angels for a modest $619,000.

Now, the beautiful and remodelled house is on the market with a much larger asking price of $2,189,000. 

In an interview with CTV, Wilson admits that it was a tough decision to put it on the market.

Wilson says that he put a lot of work into fixing it up, and that the structure of the place was full of remnants of past gang occupancy.

“We spent a lot of money, but particularly a lot of time really making the house kind of back to its former best,” he told CTV.

Old pictures of the place show an eery steel door and thick glass block windows. 


Wilson told CTV that the walls were "very, very thick" and built from cinder blocks.

The back of the area also has a massive parking lot that can fit around 15 to 20 motorcycles, he said in the interview. 

The place has five bathrooms, five bedrooms, and is around 3,500 square feet, according to the listing

Former Hells Angels Clubhouse

Price: $2,189,000

Address: 23 Kintyre Avenue, Toronto, ON

Description: Described in the ad as "a piece of Riverside history" that "continues to stand the test of time."

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