We know it’s hard to believe for some people outside Toronto, but $5 million only goes so far when it comes to prime real estate in the downtown area. You’ll find beautiful houses, sure. But a huge yard and tons of privacy? Never heard of them! However, if you travel about an hour outside of downtown, that same price could get you your very own private kingdom. This home for sale near Toronto is nestled into a stunning secluded forest and even has its own private turquoise beach. 

Now, realistically, most of us don’t have that kind of cash to drop on a home, no matter how magical it is.

But we can still dream, right? 

And, boy, is it ever dreamy. This three-bedroom, four-bathroom home sits at the end of a long and winding driveway that looks like something straight out of a classic American movie.

Banks of windows and breathtaking cathedral ceilings make the interior just as bright and airy as the outside, which is a pretty impressive achievement.

Located in York Region's King, Ontario, this place is within the GTA and not too much over an hour's drive from Toronto. And that commute would be so, so worth it. 

Here, you could enjoy peace and privacy every day, something that’s nearly impossible in the city.

Inside the open-concept home, you will find elegant black walnut doors and charming little balconies. Yeah, there are balconies inside.

There is also a beautiful private loft area inside as well. 

From the upper-level outdoor deck, you’ll get a breathtaking view of the secretive pond and rows upon rows of mature trees.

If you’re someone who loves nature and privacy, then this house was practically built for you.

It honestly looks like a magical nature retreat that you would visit for a peaceful weekend away. Or that celebrities would retire to for some rest and relaxation.

Either way, here, $5 million would buy you not just a home but a lifestyle.

King-Area House For Sale

Price: $4,999,000

Address: King, ON

Description: This home truly is its own magical private kingdom, and you could be the ruler. Just look at that!

View Here

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