The winter months can sometimes feel like they go on for way too long. Canadians just get really tired of dealing with all the cold, snowy weather. It would be nice to have a way to really keep warm during the annual deep-freeze. Well, one Quebec house for sale actually has two ways to do just that.

Sitting on the shores of Lake Simon, this five-bedroom house boasts tons of space and a beautiful lakefront view. On top of that it has not one, but two hot tubs: one indoors and one outdoors.

The indoor hot tub is surrounded by windows, offering a lovely view of the backyard. Meanwhile, the outdoor hot tub grants a breathtaking view of Lake Simon and the surrounding woods.

Of course, the double hot tub situation is just the beginning. The lot has plenty of space with 45,306.76 square feet, and the wood features inside the house add a nice, rustic touch.

The kitchen features modern appliances, but also a beautiful antique oven, blending the old with the new in a really stunning way!

An upstairs area of the house features a pool table and lounge area, perfect for entertaining. There's also a massive wine cellar that can hold 500 bottles of wine.

Heading out into the backyard, it's obvious that this house is perfect for anyone who loves to spend time outdoors.

The sprawling back lawn would make the perfect spot for some fun outdoor activities like capture the flag or ultimate frisbee.

It then leads right down to the water and a nice stretch of sandy beach. There's even an included dock, where you can park your boat (if you have one).

The rest of the backyard features plenty of space for just hanging out with your family and friends. The gazebo, outdoor fire area, and included fountains all make the yard more picturesque.

This house may be pretty pricey at $1.4 million, but one of the perks is that it comes with all of the furniture.* Not a bad way to start off with a new home! 

932 Place Passaretti

Price: $1,400,000

Address: 932 Place Passaretti, Lac-Simon, QC

Description: As if two hot tubs weren't enough, all of the other great features make this a perfect home.

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*This article has been updated.

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