If you've ever dreamed of downsizing, traveling the world, and owning an adorable cottage somewhere scenic, we've found the most charming little place to stoke your wanderlust. This affordable tiny home in California is absolutely darling!

The Golden State is arguably one of the most desirable places to live, but the costs here certainly aren't cheap.

We can see why millennials love their tiny houses. Who doesn't want to live somewhere affordable and scenic? Plus, investing in a tiny house enables you to save money and travel more.

This bright and sunny tiny home is only $22,500 and it's brand new. It's framed like a large home and comes with insulated walls and painted drywall interior to keep you cool in the summer and toasty warm during those colder winter months. 

As soon as you step inside, the first thing you'll notice is the large windows that brighten up the living area. You'll get plenty of natural light as you cook or cozy up in your favorite reading nook.

The spacious kitchen area has a maple butcher block countertop and a large sink sitting on top of cabinets full of drawers. There's plenty of cabinet space to store your dishes and food. 

High ceilings make the home's interior feel so spacious. You'd hardly believe it's 160 square feet.

Next, you'll find stairs leading up to a comfy sleeping loft.

There are shelving and plenty of closet space underneath them for all your storage needs.

The bathroom has a shower with sliding glass doors, a composting toilet, and a beautiful vanity area complete with shelves, a sink, and a mirror.

We're honestly surprised at how much they managed to fit into such a small space. It looks so organized and clean. 

This tiny dream home is ready for transport to your dream destination. There's no stopping where your adventures will take you.

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