Most young adults have had the "nomad life" thought at least once. We millennials have an obsession wih the 60's hippie vibe and honestly, nothing says tie dye shirts and peace/love/happiness like traveling across the US in a van. Your first step may be buying this camper tiny home for sale in Georgia to make those hippie life dreams come true. This can really be the start of a whole new adventure. 

This 1973 Argosy camper is currently on sale near Greensboro, Georgia. The mobile home comes fully restored with all the basic needs (and so much more) of a tiny home on wheels. 

The owner guarantees everything is in working order and all needed restorations were completed by the previous owners. The current owner posted this beauty on the Facebook page, For The Love Of Old Houses, and while this isn't exactly a "house," it will certainly be someone's new home. 

The vehicle comes with four good tires, all windows intact with screens (even though some do not fully open) and no major mechanical issues or body problems.

On the interior, this babe is fully stocked and matches the exterior pink vibes. The camper comes with an electric water heater, a full bathroom (with bathtub, shower, working toilet, and sink), a full-size bed, a living room with a pull-out couch and an air conditioning and heating unit on the roof. 

If you're thinking of towing this camper on camping trips and other outdoor adventures, the owner says the approximate weight is 4,000 pounds and she herself has towed the Argosy with her 1500 Dodge Ram.

The owner told Narcity she had a few good years with the camper, but that her living situation had changed and it was time to let it go. 

This is the perfect camper to take to campgrounds when you need an outdoors glamping adventure in Georgia or are looking to do some cross-country road-tripping of your own. Either way, this beauty can get you there.

For more information on purchasing this adorable home, or have additional questions, you can contact the owner directly from the Facebook post, where contact information is available. 

1973 Argosy

Price: $14,500

Address: Greensboro, GA

Description: This pink 1973 Argosy comes with a fully furnished living room, bedroom and bathroom. This is the cutest home on wheels. 

View Here

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