Tiny homes are all the rave right now and we can see why. They're more eco-friendly and support a minimal lifestyle. If you love the idea of settling down in an unconventional house, then you should look into container homes for sale in Utah.

We've found an off-the-grid one that's so perfect, it looks like a mini paradise. The 320 square foot abode has one bedroom, one bathroom, and even a full-sized kitchen.

You even have the option of hooking it to a trailer. That way, you can bring it wherever you're going. 

The price starts at $55,000 for standard models and can go up from there depending on your preferences. 

Each standard home comes with a 2500 - 5000-watt solar kit, a 60-100 gallon water tank, and the ability to pump water from rivers and lakes. 

Since it's customizable, you have the option to change the interior colors and finishes. We really love the fact that it comes with energy-saving appliances too. 

If you need something a bit bigger, there are other sizes and options available. You can find more information on contacting the owner here

The steel frame and metal roofs on these containers are extra durable and are built to last a really long time. The interior is just as charming as the exterior.

With wood floors and cabinets, it'll give you a modern, yet cozy cabin feel. And the big windows will make you feel like your one with nature. 

With the standard model being 40-foot long and 8 foot wide, you'll have plenty of space to stretch your legs.

If you're looking for your dream home, this could be it. We love the idea of being able to hitch it onto a trailer.

8x20 Off-Grid Cargo Container Home

Price: $55,000

Address: Tremonton, Utah

View Here

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