A year after their last collaboration on Hobbs & Shaw, the Canadian actors will join each other on-screen again. The two will co-star alongside Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot. Red Notice stars Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson are currently filming the action flick that’s coming to Netflix.

In a recent Instagram photo, Johnson announced that “Day 1 of shooting our RED NOTICE has officially begun”. He added a brief plot summary in the caption that stated, “In the world of international crime, an Interpol issued RED NOTICE is a global alert to hunt down and capture the world's most wanted. The world’s greatest art thief. The world’s greatest tracker. The world's greatest conman.”

According to IMDb, there are a variety of filming locations that the adventure comedy will take place in. They wrote that Rome, Lazio, Italy is the first location, followed by Indonesia, Germany, Spain, Russia, France, and finally “Tyler Perry Studios, Atlanta, Georgia, USA” for the “Russian Prison."

The only other confirmed cast member on IMDb is Victoria Paige Watkins, whose role is labelled as “Child.” On her IMDb page, Watkins is also filming The Suicide Squad as Tiff, and appeared in the 2019 horror film called Jessie, and even an episode of Ozark

With two of the biggest Hollywood stars, What’s On Netflix reported that “At $160 million Red Notice will become the most expensive film produced by Netflix. It has been reported that the film, once additional fees kick in, could reach as high as $200 million.”

You may be wondering what such a high budget film could provide for its leading actors. What’s On Netflix also wrote that Johnson, Reynolds, and Gadot will all make a pretty $20 million for their roles.

Screen Rant reported the movie was originally set for a Fall 2020 release and was first acquired by Universal two years ago. However, the film studio ended up dropping it once they saw director and writer Rawson Marshall Thurber’s proposed budget. Netflix then “snatched up” the film and added Reynolds in the process.

According to IMDb, Thurber also directed We’re The Millers in 2013 and Johnson’s 2016 film Central Intelligence.

IMDb’s entry for Red Notice states the movie is set to be released on Netflix in 2021.