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12-Year-Old Boy Started A Fire In The Middle Of A Canadian Walmart Last Night (VIDEO)

Naturally, it was in the paper towel aisle. 🧻
Regina Walmart Fire Video Shows The Store's Paper Towel Shelf Engulfed In Flames

A fire erupted in a Saskatchewan Walmart on Tuesday, December 10 while shoppers were in the store. The fire took place in the highly-flammable paper towel aisle and customers were forced to evacuate. The Regina Walmart fire is currently under police investigation and they are requesting public assistance from anyone that may have any information about the unexpected incident.

UPDATE: Police have announced that a 12-year-old boy is facing arson charges as a result of a police investigation into the fire on December 10.

EARLIER: Because it's 2019, there was someone there to catch a quick video on their phone. Though the video is only a few seconds long, it fully captures how serious the blaze was and how quickly it was growing.

The Rochdale Walmart in the north end of Regina was filled with smoke when Saskatchewan police and fire arrived on the scene around 8:30 p.m. local time.

As of now, there is a live investigation into how the incident started. Thankfully, according to the police report, there were no reported injuries and all staff and shoppers were evacuated safely.

Still, flames inside a Walmart is obviously not ideal and they’d like to know how it all started. While the cause may still be unknown, the video shows how large the blaze really was.

Getting straight to the point, the video has a caption that says "Walmart is on fire." The video shows tall flames emerging from the top of the paper towel shelves. 

Though you can't understand any of the flustered voices in the background of the video, you can certainly feel the panic beginning to ensue.

Another video shows police and fire vehicles surrounding the store with their lights flashing as smoke pours through its front doors.

We will continue to update this story as more details become available.

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