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11 Incredible Dates To Take Your Girlfriend On This Fall In Regina

Fall is such a gorgeous time of year in Regina, and what better way to spend it than with your S/O? When the air gets a little chilly, it just means you need to cozy up with your partner a little more.

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Imagine you and bae getting lost in a corn maze, picking pumpkins, or enjoying a warm drink in the cool air. Sounds romantic, right? Try out these 11 dates this fall in Regina, and you're sure to make the most of the season.

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1. Pick pumpkins at Pumpkin Hollow.

Visit Pumpkin Hollow, located in Lumsden, on a fun day trip and find your perfect pumpkin. Then, you and our S/O can carve it together and toast the seeds for a delicious fall snack!

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2. Go for a gorgeous fall hike through Wascana Trails.

The scenery is unbelievable at this time of year, and it's a perfect temperature for hiking. Be sure to snap a photo of the two of you as well - with a view this stunning, you'll want to capture the moment.

via @paintnite

3. Do a fall themed Paint Nite.

Get crafty with your partner and choose from a wide selection of painting options. You'll have something to take home and remember the night by, and the best part? Drinking while painting, of course!

via @wanderer_lauren

4. Do a wine tasting night at Willow Park Wines & Spirits Regina.

Willow Park is having a Wines for Thanksgiving wine tasting event on October 5, which costs $15 per person. This is a great chance to enjoy some wine, learn about what flavours go together best, and taste something new.

via @jordanswu

5. Go to the Pumpkin Hollow Corn Maze.

Enjoy an afternoon of making your way through the Corn Maze at Pumpkin Hollow. It's in Lumsden, just a half hour drive from Regina, so you can easily make it into a fun day trip.

via @overthehillorchards

6. Do dessert or dinner at Over the Hill Orchards.

If you book ahead, you can do a multi-course meal at this beautiful orchard just 30 minutes outside the city in Lumsden. It's a gorgeous place in fall, and the food is all homemade and local.

via @allihaas95

7. Go to a free square dance lesson to learn something new.

For three weeks this fall, you can learn to square dance for free in Regina. It's a fun way to try out a new activity, and get your sweat on!

via @pacificyurts

8. Spend a weekend at the lake — yurt style.

At Nesslin Lake you can rent yurts, which are a perfect way to enjoy some fall camping without being too cold. Escape the city for a weekend and get out for one last weekend in nature before the snow hits!

via @habiba.aiden

9. Visit the Mackenzie Art Gallery.

Spend an evening browsing art, and checking out the art scene in Regina. A great before or after option is to grab a coffee or drink, at 13th Ave Coffeehouse or Victoria's Tavern.

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10. Stock up on fall goodies at the Regina Farmers' Market.

Check out the market for fresh produce while it lasts! This is also the place to go for all things pumpkin related this fall.

via @bookofcabins

11. Spend a weekend away at an adorable cabin in Saskatchewan.

What's better than warming up next to each other by a fire, in the middle of nowhere? Imagine a cute cottage, beautiful fall trees all around, and delicious warm drinks. Have I convinced you yet?

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