Caesars are the ultimate comfort cocktail. While all other cocktails are out to give us the worst hangovers we've ever experienced, caesars are the ones that are waiting for us the next day as if to say, "it's okay, you'll get through this. Just drink us and we'll help make that nasty headache go away."

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It's that kind of hangover-saving tactic that makes caesars our go-to cocktail during the moments we can't even bare to think about alcohol. So thank you, dear caesar, for being the comfort we most needed on the days we felt like we'd never be able to get ourselves off the couch in fear that we might not live to see another day.

And today, in true TGIF fashion, we honor you. Here are 11 places to get an insanely good caesar in Regina:

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The Canadian Brewhouse // 4820 Gordon Road & 2005 Prince of Whales Drive

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Birmingham's Vodka & Ale House // 2635 Starlite Street

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Earls // 1875 Victoria Avenue East & 2606 28th Avenue

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Leopold's Tavern // Multiple Locations

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Brown's Socialhouse // 3610 Eastgate Drive & 1065 Stockton Avenue

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The Lancaster Taphouse // 4529 Gordon Road

Chop Steakhouse // 2605 Gordon Road

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Malt City // 100-2201 11th Avenue

O'hanlons Pub // 1947 Scarth Street

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Flip Eatery & Drink // 1970 Hamilton Street

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The Keg Steakhouse // 2515 Dewdney Avenue & 4265 Albert Street