If you've still got a case of post-Valentine's Day feels from February and you're in the mood to keep that love lingering in the air, then we've got a special treat for you today. Just because Valentine's Day is over doesn't mean the romance has to be so why not plan a little something for your significant other just because?

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It'll be an unexpected surprise to them and you'll earn some major girlfriend/boyfriends points for your sweetness. Speaking of sweetness, remember when we said it was going to be a special treat? We were being literal when we said treats. Think chocolates, candies, cupcakes galore!

Here are a few places in Regina you must visit if you're craving something sweet in terms of romantic gestures and food for the taste buds.

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Le Macaron // 2705 Quance Street East

If you're in the mood to for all things Parisian, then Le Macaron is about to be your favorite hangout spot. Walking in, you'll enter into a french-inspired world full of decadent chocolates and sweets that your tastebuds won't be able to resist. They've also got the best selection of macarons in the city!

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Sweet Ambrosia Bakeshoppe // 230 Winnipeg Street North

Craving cupcakes? Kim & Ashlee, the two ladies behind Sweet Ambrosia, are basically the cupcake queens of Regina. Hence, the above mouthwatering chocolate goodness that you need in your life right now.

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Sinfully Sweet // 2130 B Robinson Street

This place is so sweet that it's practically sinful. See what I did there? Eryn Smith and Natasha Salter are two incredible cake artists that have a passion for making cakes so good that you almost feel bad eating them.

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Menchie's Frozen Yogurt // Multiple Locations

Think of Menchie's as the ultimate frozen yogurt buffet. Choose your yogurt of choice and then go to town on building the highest mountain of chocolate and candy your sweet tooth can possibly imagine.

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Koko Patisserie // 1205 Broad Street

Calling all chocolate lovers! Koko Patisserie is what artisanal dreams are made of. With a sweet lineup of pastries, treats, and cakes, Koko is your go-to place for satisfying your chocolate craving.

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Dessart Sweets // 3036 13th Avenue

If 50 Cent's Candy Shop song was really about candy, this would have been an ideal place for the music video. Dessart Sweets is that one place that really makes you feel like a kid in a candy shop. Oh and FYI, I heard they're bringing soft serve back.


Cafe Francais // 425 Victoria Avenue East

Cafe Francais is one of those hidden gems in the city where you wouldn't normally think about going for something sweet but it's definitely a place you should check out. They've got a selection of French patisserie treats that are to die for.

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Kneaded Gluten Free Bakeshop // 3725 Pasqua Street

Tasty treats made from scratch that are entirely gluten-free? That's basically all you knead in life. The team of bakers behind Kneaded will be the ones to make your sweet tooth's dream come true even if that sweet tooth isn't a fan of gluten or dairy.

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Chocolates by Bernard Callebaut // 2130 A Robinson Street

Three words: Chocolate lovers' heaven. That is all.


Serendipity Bakeshop // 910 11th Avenue

Serendipity Bakeshop is a mother-daughter duo using their baking skills to change the game for gluten-free baking. They make all kinds of tasty creations including cookies, cupcakes, and brownies. P.S. How cool this that unicorn cake?!

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Fresh & Sweet // 2500 Victoria Avenue & 1914 Hamilton Street

Fresh & Sweet is a popular spot for breakfast and lunch but have you ever tried one of their candy apple creations? You won't ever look at a plain apple the same way ever again.