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11 Super Cute Small Towns In Saskatchewan To Road Trip To This Summer

Most of the time, we overlook small Saskatchewan towns as places to travel to. Sure, there isn't always a lot going on and often times you are completely in the middle of nowhere but isn't that the beauty of living here? We can easily escape the city life to a place that might not even feel like we're in Saskatchewan.

There are so many rural gems of the prairies that we haven't even considered visiting but I have a feeling that this article will make you want to put Saskatchewan on our radar for summer road trips. Besides, most of these places are only a few hours away and the things you will experience will really make you appreciate how cool it is to be able to live in the prairies.

So, let's explore, shall we? Here are 11 super cute towns in Saskatchewan you need to road trip to this summer.


Tucked away in the rolling valleys of Saskatchewan, Lumsden is the perfect day trip for getting away from the city life without having to drive too far. This trendy little town is home to popular shopping boutiques such as Thr3e Clothing and La Vault Decor. Spend a day shopping local goods, exploring Last Mountain Distillery and grab a bite to eat the Lumsden Valley Restaurant.

Pilot Butte

This might be the shortest road trip you'll ever make from Regina but it's totally worth it. Recently, the small town of Pilot Butte has had a few cool new businesses open up such as Bronco's Pub & Grill and The Blue Rooster Cafe that you have to check out. Every summer, the town also hosts a major rodeo so if you're into cowboys in leather chaps then there will be a lot of them hanging out here.


Just the name itself makes you curious about this place, doesn't it? However, it's not what you think it is, it's actually pronounced for-jay. There may not be a whole lot happening in this teeny town (population approx. 40) but the one thing you do need to make a trip for is The Happy Nun Cafe. It's a rural gem for good food and music bringing in musicians from all across Canada.

Maple Creek

Maple Creek is one of Saskatchewan's coolest small towns. If you haven't brushed up on your history in a while, this place has all kinds of historical artifacts and sites from the past that are super interesting like Fort Walsh. It's also home to some delectable places to eat and hang out like The Star Cafe & Grill and Grotto Gardens.


Mortlach is a charming Saskatchewan village that really loves berries. Seriously. They host a Saskatoon Berry Festival every summer that brings 5,000 people together! It's a berry good time complete with local art, live music, and beer gardens. If you make a trip here, make sure to check out The Litle Red Market Cafe.


Watrous is neighbors with Manitou Beach making it one of the must-visit destinations in Saskatchewan. Manitou Beach is known as Canada's dead sea where you can make like a foam noodle and float all day long. It's also home to some pretty cool tourist attractions like Dance Land.


Elbow is one of Saskatchewan's most beautiful lake towns. Surrounded by Lake Diefenbaker, Elbow is home to that summer beach spot you've been dreaming about all winter. Speaking of beachy things, Elbow is one of the few places in Sask where you can explore sand dunes.


Home to the Gateway Music Festival, Bengough is one of the top places in Saskatchewan to attend a summer music festival. Each year, people from the prairies and beyond come together to celebrate music and culture. If you're planning to check out the festival this year, make sure you make a pit stop at the mesmerizing Castle Butte.


Much like Maple Creek, Battleford is also a place to visit for brushing up on your history. The town has many historic sites and museums to check out like the Fort Battleford Historic Site and Fred Light Museum. It's also located close to The Battlefords Provincial Park where you can feed your adventurous soul with hiking and biking trails.


Nestled away in the "Valley of Hidden Secrets", Eastend is a place where they would most likely film the modern day Land Before Time. Funny enough, it's actually called Dino Country because of it's T-Rex Discovery Centre. It might be in the middle of nowhere but it has some of the most breathtaking views at Jones Peak.


Gravelbourg is known as Paris of Prairies. This small historic town is home to a few unexpected surprises that wouldn't think exist in Saskatchewan. Make a weekend trip there to stay at the Bishops Bed & Breakfast, tour the European-inspired architecture of the city and have lunch at Cafe Paris.

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