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12 Cafes In Saskatoon You Need To Go To At Least Once In Your Life

Coffee is an essential part of our daily lives. For some of us, it's the glue that holds our lives together and saves us from falling asleep at places where public napping isn't exactly encouraged. What would we do without our friendly neighborhood baristas to serve us that caffeine fix when we need it the most? 

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Probably falling asleep face first in our breakfast, napping under our desks at work, and yawning uncontrollably. But thanks to Saskatoon's love for crafting the finest quality coffee, we can rely on a number of local cafes to serve us that friendly little bean that gives us our daily dose of caffeine. 

Here are 12 cafes in Saskatoon you need to go to at least once in your life: 

Drift Sidewalk Cafe & Vista Lounge // 339 Avenue A 

Known for: Hawaiian surf vibes and gigantic homemade crepes. 

The Karma Cafe // 2-157 2nd Avenue North 

Known for: Spreading good karma and serving delicious espresso drinks.

Collective Coffee // 210B 20 St. W & 210 Avenue P S 

Known for: Being Saskatoon's hippest coffee bar and serving some mean coffee beans. 

City Perks // 801 7th Avenue North & 627 Brand Court

Known for: Being YXE's charming neighborhood cafe that brings community together over a good cup of coffee.

Museo Coffee // 730a Broadway Avenue

Known for: Cozy vibes and serving exceptional coffee and espresso creations.

Little Bird Patisserie // 20 Avenue B South 

Known for: The best selection of teas and delicious French-inspired pastries. 

d'Lish By Tish // 702A 14th Street East 

Known for: Serving goodness in all things food and drink.

Calories // 721 Broadway Avenue 

Known for: Bringing local traditions to life and being the go-to spot for delicious desserts in YXE. 

Park Cafe // 515 20th Street

Known for: Serving up some of the best diner food YXE has ever tasted. 

Honey Bun Cafe // 167A 2nd Ave South

Known for: Fresh local ingredients turned into fresh, local fare. Oh, and really good cinnamon buns. 

Citizen Cafe & Bakery // 18-23rd Street East 

Known for: Made from scratch bakery goods and quality espresso creations. 

The Underground Cafe // 430 20th Street West 

Known for: Serving up a side of good music with your coffee. Try out their specialty coffee called "The Black Frank."

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