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12 Secret Places To Take Your Girlfriend In Saskatchewan

*Girlfriend casually sends partner link on Messenger*
12 Secret Places To Take Your Girlfriend In Saskatchewan

Everyone loves surprises, right? Well, not quite... but an unexpected day adventure is the kind of surprise your girlfriend will most definitely like.

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If you want to throw a little spontaneity into your relationship, then here's the way to do it. Tell her exactly what to wear and what she needs to bring, and then pick her up for a day of excitement and anticipation. She'll be constantly asking you where you're going until you get there, but that's all part of the fun.

Saskatchewan is a perfect destination for remote locations and endless nature to explore. These secret places are ideal for a summer day when you want to escape the city with your one and only. Now, you'll just need a pic to prove you were there, right??

via @tourismsask

1. The Crooked Bush // Hafford

The Crooked Bush is located on private land, but is open to the public to explore this natural mystery. It's essentially a grove of Aspen trees that have grown, well, crooked. It's a pretty quiet spot, and there's a picnic bench if you want a place to have lunch. Also, the Crooked Bush is sooooo Instagrammable.

via @darby._.elizabeth

2. Lake Diefenbaker // Outlook

There's breath-taking sights to see from water or land at Lake Diefenbaker. For an active adventure, the two of you can rent canoes or kayaks at Chief Whitecap Waterway by the lake. In the evening, you can walk along the beach enjoying the sunset.

via @shifting_roots

3. Petrofka Orchard // Blaine Lake 

The Petrofka Orchard is a beautiful hidden gem, only 45 minutes from Saskatoon. Here you can hike along trails, enjoy fresh fruit and veg, and appreciate the beauty of the 100-year-old trees in the area. Make sure to try some homemade jelly or pie!

via @alex_cunningham

4. Sandcastles at Sunken Hill // Village of Beechy

These massive sandcastles will leave you and your partner speechless. From the biking and walking trails nearby you can see incredible views of large sand dunes that are home to wildlife in the area.

Tip: If you want to extend your trip, you can see both Lake Diefenbaker and the sandcastles, which are just an hour drive apart.

via @sarah.mcveigh

5. Hanging Heart Lakes // Prince Albert National Park

The name says it all for this one — it's an ideal spot to cuddle up by your S.O. and enjoy the sunset. You can also do a dinner-on-the-lake cruise aboard the Bennington Pontoon Boat, which features delicious appetizers and bevys. Be sure to call ahead early to reserve your spot!

via @trenak711

6. Over The Hill Orchards // Lumsden

This is a new take on the classic dinner date. Every Saturday, Over The Hill Orchard hosts a multi-course meal with local ingredients on the menu. Be sure to call ahead and save a spot if you're planning on doing dinner. You can also do a tour of their winery and explore the surrounding area.

via @kevinstiles

7. Little Manitou Lake // Manitou Beach

Little Manitou Lake is unique to the Western Hemisphere, because it contains saltwater with a mineral density three times that of the ocean. AKA: you and bae can literally float on this lake. Lay back, and enjoy the sun for hours as you stay afloat.


8. Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park // Maple Creek

Cypress Hills sits on the border between Saskatchewan and Alberta, which makes it a great road trip stop. There's hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, and delicious restaurants on site for you two to try! If you don't mind camping, this is also the place to be.

via @reesorranch

9. Reesor Ranch // Maple Creek

If you're looking for a quaint place to stay overnight, look no further than Reesor Ranch. It's been around since 1904 and has plenty of historic charm. If you like horseback riding, this is also the place for you!

Tip: Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park is just a 35 minute drive away from the ranch, if you're looking to extend your trip or stay outside of the park for a night.

via @annjian

10. Great Sandhills // Abbey

The Great Sandhills are Canada's largest sand dunes, and a top-rated destination in the South of Saskatchewan. In the nearby Town of Leader, there's also art galleries, antique shops, and an outdoor pool if you need to cool down after trekking on the sand.

via @_wyattheiberg_

11. Massold Clay Canyons // Claybank

The Massold Clay Canyons are a crazy natural feature of Saskatchewan that you don't want to miss. Only 35 minutes from Moose Jaw, or 50 minutes from Regina, these Clay Canyons make for a great new sight that you can your S.O. can explore together.

via @mikayla_buryniuk

12. Nistowiak Falls // Lac La Ronge Provincial Park

These falls are some of the most beautiful natural waterfalls in Saskatchewan. Bring a picnic lunch to eat in the surrounding area, and definitely don't forget your camera for this one!

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