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12 Unique Places In Regina To Take A Date If You Don't Drink

We have this impression that the dating scene in Regina is pretty mediocre. That necessarily isn't the case! I blame Tinder for its half-assed attempts at grabbing dinner and drinks or just going straight for a night of Netflix & Chill. For those who are no strangers to the dating game, isn't it about time we starting thinking outside the box? I'm tired of having the same conversation over beers at Leo's and I'm sure many of you can relate.

For all my fellow singles looking to shake things up, consider this your new and improved non-alcoholic dating guide to Regina. It's easy to forget that there is sober fun to be had in this city, when you're going on dates that only involve sitting at tables and drinking pints. Don't get stuck doing the same thing date after date! Instead, take this bucket list and make dating in Regina great again!

Wonderland Arcade // 1729 Broad Street

Remember the good ol' days of playing hoop games, racing cars, and having air hockey battles at Ruckers? This 90's style arcade is a total trip down memory lane. Embrace your competitive side and challenge each other to a game of DDR. The loser buys Menchies afterward.

Saskatchewan Science Center // 2903 Powerhouse Drive

The Science Center has been making moves to let adults know that science isn't just for kids with their Adult Science Night. Every month, The Science Center hosts a brainy evening full of exhibits and activities. Beer is allowed, kids aren't. It’s the perfect opportunity to change the subject to something a little more interesting than your latest CrossFit workout. Added bonus: It's only $10/person!

Acceptable pickup line: Talk nerdy to me.

The Mackenzie Art Gallery // 3475 Albert Street

Grab a coffee together and peruse the latest collections at the Mackenzie. Share your own interpretations of the art with each other and see where the conversation takes you. Even better, make a gallery crawl out of it and go to Slate, Mata and Assiniboia too.

RPL Film Theatre // 2311 12th Avenue (Regina Public Library)

You won’t get to rack up your Cineplex points on this one but you will save money on popcorn. Check out the RPL theater for movies that aren’t so mainstream. A side bonus is that you get to cozy up to your S/O, which makes for a more intimate experience.

Pro tip: hit up one of these amazing coffee shops after the movie to discuss all the highlights!

Hitchhikers Improv // 1717 13th Avenue

Let’s be honest, first dates can be pretty awkward sometimes. The Hitchhikers Improv will put you both at ease and take some pressure off the need to come up with witty conversation. Also, nothing screams love like being able to laugh obnoxiously together.

Schoolhaus Culinary Arts // 2171 Lorne Street

If Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg can cook together; there’s hope for everyone. Explore your inner chef at a Schoolhaus cooking class and get your hands on some seriously good home cooked food. If there's still room for dessert after, make your way over to Bodega to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Acceptable pickup line: If you were a vegetable, you’d be a CUTEcumber.

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Laser Quest // 10a Hesse Bay

The best #throwbackthursday date hands down. Challenge your S/O to a battle royale match and see who's still got the moves. If you want to get real serious, make it a best out of five series. There's a good chance you're going to need a few games to shake off the rustiness anyways. 

Escape Rooms // 1115 Rose Street or 1975 Broad Street

I wouldn’t recommend this if you think you might have to ditch on a bad date. There’s no ghosting in an escape room. Maybe just save this for a second or third date in order to prevent an escape room game from turning into a murder mystery. However, if the vibes are good this could be a lot of fun!

Paint Nite // Various Locations

Roll up your sleeves and get creative at Paint Nite. There’s no painting experience required so you can both feel no shame about your average-at-best artistic abilities. If all goes well, you might come out of it with a new piece of artwork and a new S/O. Now, that's a double whammy.

Get Air // 1902 Turvey Road

The best time to make like Kris Kross and jump, jump! Dating tip: Keep your trampoline tricks low key so the date doesn't come to an abrupt halt because you need to be rushed to the hospital for a sprained ankle or broken neck. Nothing says deal breaker like spending the remainder of the date in the ER.

Latin Dance Night // 2627 13th Avenue (The Artesian)

Time to get your salsa shoes on and let loose. Latin Dance Night is hosted every Sunday at The Artesian. The night starts with a beginners dance lesson and then opens the floor for a social dance. Bring your S/O and spin the night away.

Acceptable pickup line: I like your moves.

Regina's Indoor Farmer’s Market // 2065 Hamilton Street

Explore Regina’s local scene by touring the Regina Indoor Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning and then pick one of the spots from the 43 Bucket List Restaurants Every True Reginian Needs To Try list and enjoy an amazing lunch downtown.

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