17 Things About Regina Life Someone Should Have Told You Before You Moved Here

Expect the unexpected.
17 Things About Regina Life Someone Should Have Told You Before You Moved Here

If you've recently moved to Regina and you've been having a lot of WTF moments, I apologize. We don't exactly size up when it comes to being a thriving metropolis where something new and exciting is happening every single day. Regina is the kind of city that seems to grow in slow motion so it might take some time for it to jump on the big city bandwagon with everyone else.

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In the meantime, it might take some time for you to adjust to life in Regina. Especially if you're coming from somewhere that's completely different than Saskatchewan. If that's the case, I can totally see why you'd be having frequent WTF moments. Allow me to give you the lowdown on a few things that people probably haven't told you about life in Regina before you moved here.

Reginans love to make small talk about two things: the riders and the weather

"It sure is windy out there today isn't it?"

There are a lot of people who live here that wouldn't consider themselves city people

Mostly because they grew up in a small town and then moved to Regina.

Nobody takes public transit to get to and from work

We prefer to drive ourselves and spend a ridiculous about of money on parking instead.

Regina cab rates are super expensive

Be prepared to pay upwards of $25 for a 10-minute ride.

Parking anywhere around Scarth Street is an absolute nightmare

Be prepared to waste 20 minutes circling the block to find a spot.

Regina's downtown neighborhood isn't what you'd expect a downtown to be

It's pretty much a ghost town after 8 pm.

Cyclists are a rare sighting on most Regina streets

Meaning, we freak out when we have to share road space with them on Albert Street.

We prefer to hang out at pubs rather than bars

The Dewdney strip has become the graveyard of our early party days.

None of the bars stay open past 2:30 am

Mostly everyone has gone home by then anyways.

Everyone is super lazy about driving places that are "out of the way"

When in reality, it's literally only 2o minutes to get anywhere in Regina.

We absolutely love making NOD jokes

It's a slang term we've coined about living "out of the way" of everything.

Speaking of slang terms, Reginians love to use them frequently

Here's a list of them you'll want to know.

Winters in Regina will make you cry and wish you never moved here

Get used to hearing "feels like -35°C with the windchill" a lot.

Summers in Regina are short and sweet

We're really lucky if we get a full month of +30°C weather.

We are obsessed with our local football team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders

So much in fact, we are known as some of craziest sports fans in the world.

Wascana Park is one of the most beautiful places in the city

It's about to become your new favorite summer hangout.

It's possible to do everything in Regna within a year of living here

Small city problems.