It's weird to think that tattooing used to be considered such a taboo thing. Nowadays, it seems like the majority of people have at least one. For anyone that does have one, you know it's just a matter of time before you're hooked and starting to plan the next five you want to get.

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Whether you're in the mood to add a new piece or cover up that embarrassing tattoo you got when you were 18, then consider this your guide to where in Regina you can go to get a masterpiece tattoo that won't come along with a side of regret.

Here's a list of some of Regina's unreal tattoo artists, that you need to get inked by ASAP:

Note: this list was made in no particular order.

Ben Kelsch // Lucky Panther Tattoo

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Brock Prentice // Indepth Tattoos and Design

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Alyssa Ermel // Traditional Tattoo

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Adrienne Ray // Ace of Swords Tattoo

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Jesse Exner // Blacksmith Art Studio

Nathan Donahoe // Ace of Swords Tattoo

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Chris Oakley // Blacksmith Art Studio

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Lindsay Humphries // Ace of Swords Tattoo

Elly Allen // Mightnight Oil Tattoo Co.

BJ Zieger // Lucky Panther Tattoo

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Klym Mainland // Indepth Tattoo and Design

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Trevor Moran // Stingray Studio

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Tyler Whitten // New Noise

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Julian Williams // Black Sea Tattoo