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15 Achievable Life Goals That Aren't Total Bullsh*t

Time to rewrite your resolutions.
15 Achievable Life Goals That Aren't Total Bullsh*t

Well, my friends, 2017 is officially here. You know what that means? It's that time of there where everyone sets big audacious goals for themselves in hopes that the next 365 days will transform them into a new and improved version of themselves.

The downside to making said goals is that most people give up on them by the end January, or don't even come close to achieving them at allI'm personally so over the "new year new me" scheme and I think we all need to start being a little more realistic about the resolutions we make.

Here are a few resolutions to consider, or make  your own for 2017 that aren't totally bullsh*t:

Don’t buy into the whole “new year, new me” thing

There’s no such thing as a new you unless you have the power to Benjamin Button yourself back to birth. Don’t get stuck in the mentality that you need to become a new version of yourself because you are who you are for a reason. Instead, focus on how you can become better and improve upon that.

Find something weird that interests you and pursue it

Embrace your inner weirdo. If there’s something obscure that you’re into like aliens, how to build an ant farm, or meat-eating plants then go on and get nerdy with it.

Starting admitting to the things you suck at

Sure, it’s easy to talk about the things we’re good at but why not trying voicing our vulnerabilities more often? It can actually make you feel better when you’re able to open up to others about the things you completely suck at. Chances are, they’ll be able to relate to you about a sucky quality of their own.

Quit your job

If your current job is a vacuum that sucks the life out of you then quit it right now. It’s as simple as that. It’s a complete waste of time to do things that don’t make you happy.

Don’t be kind, be genuine

Being kind is trendy right now. There’s nothing wrong with that but often times people think everyone will like them more if they constantly preach about being kind. Stop preaching about it and start doing nice things because you genuinely want to.

Have your cake and eat it too

I’m not saying every day needs to be cheat day but if you want to have cake for breakfast then eat the damn cake. We spend too much time obsessing over the things we eat and it takes the enjoyment out of indulging in the things we love. Let your cravings win you over every once and a while and don’t stress about it.

Set low bar goals

There’s nothing worse than setting goals you aren’t ever going to achieve. Keep your goals small and simple. Ex: I won’t hit snooze on my alarm for an entire week or I will take 30 minutes of me time each day. You’ll feel like a total goal digger when you crush out tasks that are realistic.

Stop pretending that you’re going to be a “gym person”

This is for all you January 1st “go-getters.” I guarantee you won’t even make it past the first month so you should stop forcing yourself to half-ass commit to something you don’t even enjoy. It’s totally okay if the gym isn’t your thing. I suggest trying a new fitness routine like yoga, dancing, or krav maga.

Get comfortable with being a loner

Start taking yourself on dates. Yes, it will probably feel awkward AF at the beginning because you think that everyone is judging you but eventually you’ll learn that nobody cares and you can go on being your happy, content, loner self.

Stay up late more often

Be a rebel and stay up past your bedtime. Getting a good night sleep does prevent us from feeling a zombie the next day but sometimes we just have to give in to our inner night owl and catch up on our z’s another time.

Delete all the dating apps off your phone

You’d be surprised how refreshing this feels. We all appreciate the ego boost that comes along with getting matches but eventually the excitement fades and you’re left with a handful of failed date attempts and a false sense of hope about the current state of your love life.

Avoid small talk

Don’t ask people questions about their day, ask questions about their life. You have the social capacity to dig a little deeper to find conversations that matter. If someone tries to small talk with you, verbally ninja them into a more interesting topic.

Forget about the future

We spent so much time worrying about what the future holds that we forget to live in the present. Focus on what’s important to you right now instead of having a panic attack over where you’ll be in five years.

Give less f*cks

Shut out negative energy, do the things you want to do, and don’t worry about what other people think.

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