When it comes to life on the prairies, most people think that it's nothing but people wearing Wrangler jeans and plaid shirts. Most people aren't wrong about that either. There is definitely a heavy dose of both of those things when it comes to assessing the style of our general population.

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But as of late, we're starting to see a resurgence of style that would fit right in amongst the big fashion hubs such as Toronto or even New York. Our fashion scene may be small but there are a handful of tastemakers and trendsetters out there that are vamping up the style game and they're coming in hot.

Not wearing wranglers on a +30 day kind of hot, but the kind of stylish swagger that makes you tilt your sunglasses down and say, "Damn, that's hot." So, without further ado, here's a lineup of some of Saskatchewan's most stylish dudes according to Instagram.

via @abrahamperrotta

Abraham Perrotta // @abramhamperotta

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Keven Blehm // @kevenblehm

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Andrew Parry // @freedomparry

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Garrett Kendel // @garettkendel

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Austin Aichele // @austinachele

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Curtis Drummond //  @wethetimeless


Ross Bearman // @ross_bearman

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Mike Payne // @mmmikepayne

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Ageless // @lifeofageless

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Brad Kimball // @bradkimball

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Eddy Alvaro // @edwardoalvaro


Ty // @ty_cc

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Ashton Wake // @ashtonwake


Brad Ross // @brad_rossd

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Ron B // @tefrondon1


Braxton Thomas // @braxton.thomas