16 Slang Words You Will 100% Hear In Regina

NOD problems.
16 Slang Words You Will 100% Hear In Regina

Every city has their own slang that often times only the locals can understand. Sometimes the terms seem so obscure that it’s as if we're speaking in code. When it comes to living in Regina, we have a thing for nicknaming the places and locations we frequent in our day-to-day.

There’s a good chance that if you've ever lived in Regina, you’ve heard someone say: “it took me forever to meet up with my friends at the Ledge because I live NOD and hit the train on Ring Road on my way there”.

Here are a few other examples of YQR slang you’ve heard more than once, or are totally guilty of uttering yourself.

Vic’s, Ohan’s, Leo’s, or OJ’s

Definition: A slightly shorter version of where you plan to go out tonight.

“We’re gonna head over to Leo’s for some food, grab a few beers at Vic’s and then hit up karaoke night at Ohan’s.”


Definition: The infamous nickname for Gabbo’s after it made the local news for an altercation involving a stabbing.

It happened like five years ago – a lasting (and not so positive) impression.

The Strip

Definition: A specific area on Dewdney Avenue where all the bars are.

Most commonly used during the prime of our early 20’s when going on pub crawls every weekend was a thing.


Definition: An acronym for North of Dewdney.

A running joke about living “across the tracks.”

The Leg (pronounced “The Ledge”)

Definition: A shorter version of The Legislative Building.

The summer hot spot for guys playing football on the lawn and rebellious teenagers hosting their own version of The Fast and The Furious.

The X

Definition: A nickname for the Queen City Exhibition.

“Let’s go to The X and stuff our faces with mini donuts and elephant ears.”


Definition: An acronym for Outdoor Rink.

One of Regina’s most common winter activities is playing a game of shinny at the ODR.


Definition: The nickname for the Brandt Centre, referring to Agribition festivities specifically.

That wonderful time of the year when our concert venue becomes a barnyard and the entire city smells like cow shit.


Definition: The affectionate term coined for Regina’s annual Farm Progress Show.

It’s such a big deal that even Chris Soules from The Bachelor made an appearance last year.

Sparkle Dome

Definition: The nickname for Sparky’s.

The best local pub for karaoke battles and homemade pizza sauce.


Definition: A slang term for Brewed Awakening’s newest location, Brewed on Dewdney.

It’s a cool space, go check it out.


Definition: A term used to say the Riders in a mocking way.

“How about them Derzzz?”

Bunny Hug 

Definition: Another word for the sweater known as a hoodie.

I dare you to use this one outside of Saskatchewan and see how many raised eyebrows you get. No, we don’t actually hug bunnies in Sask.


Definition: The version of Saskatchewan’s pride and joy, Pilsner.

Things that are most definitely said at Craven, “hey, can you pass me a cold Pil from the cooler?”

Lovers Lane

Definition: The nickname for Douglas Park Hill because that’s where everyone goes to sit in their car and make out.

Serious question, who hasn’t made out there?

Sparkle Balls

Definition: The cult classic earring designed by Hillberg & Berk.

Every girl in Regina owns at least five pairs.

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