16 Things That Make You An Asshole Anywhere But Regina

Saskatchewan problems.
16 Things That Make You An Asshole Anywhere But Regina

In most places in the world it would be frowned upon to engage in the following behavior: getting wasted while wearing a watermelon on your head, playing hooky from work because it’s harvest season, and holding up rush hour traffic for a flock of geese. But in Regina, those are just the kind of things we do that make us the true prairie folk that we are.

So why not elaborate a little more on the things that make us so Saskatchewan? Go on, have a laugh, and count how many times you say to yourself, “Yup, I’m guilty of that.” ... Maybe we should turn this into a drinking game.

Driving from Victoria Avenue to Downtown instead of taking the city bus.

Most cities recommend using alternative methods of transportation for getting around. It only takes us 15 minutes to get across our ENTIRE city so we rely on our cars for Ubering ourselves around.

Treating cyclists like Pedestrians when they're on Albert Street.

In larger city centers, most drivers are taught that cyclists and pedestrians are god (a.k.a. they can do whenever they please). In Regina, not so much. It might have something to do with the fact that we don’t rely on biking as our main method of transportation so we don’t take it too seriously.

Patiently waiting for Canadian Geese to cross the road.

Since the majority of the Canadian geese population inhabits Wascana Park during the summer, it’s only in our best interest to welcome their stay and politely wait for them to cross the road.

Being a Rider fan and only a Rider fan, period.

Being a Rider fan in Regina is an excuse for any kind of obnoxious behavior. Throw on a watermelon helmet and cheer your little heart out? Go for it. Paint your entire body green and then go out to O'Hans? Absolutely. Deck your car out with 20 rider flags? Honk for happiness!

Showing up for work when it’s as cold as Antarctica and thinking we deserve a medal for it. 

I think we all deserve a raise, gold star, and key to Regina when we leave our homes in subzero weather. Not only do we have to deal with -30 winters but we also have to deal with the wind chill that comes along with the unfriendliness of winters in Regina.

Making fun of Manitoba because they’re the only ones similar to us.

The only real reason we have beef with Winnipeg is because of the Blue Bombers.

Rolling around in the mud half naked at Craven

Craven is that one time of the year where everyone can act like a bunch of drunken barnyard animals and get away with it. Okay, well maybe just 95% of the time... I’m sure there are few of you out there that have done the unspeakable.

Drinking Pilsner.

Can we all just admit that it tastes like moldy apple juice? I know it’s Saskatchewan-made but come onnnnn.

Stalking people on the way to their cars at the University of Regina.

If there’s one thing Regina is infamous for, it’s a lack of accessible parking. It’s a common thing for us to wait in our cars outside the University like a hawk waiting for a mouse to scurry out of a building. We will find you and hunt down your soon to be vacant parking spot.

Throwing parties at the Pilot Butte gravel pits.

Ohhh, the good ol’ days of pit parties. That summer in high school where we all trespassed onto someone else’s property and littered it with beer cans (disappointed emoji face).

Wake surfing in ditches on Regina's gravel roads. 

I'm calling out all you lake kids on this one. You won’t be surprised if you see a person wake surfing a ditch behind a 4x4 truck after a summer rainfall.

Skipping work to help with harvest.

Regina is really just a big small town because half of the city has moved here from rural Saskatchewan. It’s not uncommon for people to take a few weeks off to hang out on the farm and cruise around in a combine.

Constantly making jokes about our own city.

We never seem to get tired of laughing about the city that rhymes with fun or it's low-budget theme song, Experience Regina.

Wearing Cabela's camo suits before and after hunting season.

The Saskatchewan trend that never goes out of style. Shout out to Cabela’s for dressing our men in outfits that make them hard to find on nature walks.

Leaving our city to go to concerts at The Sasktel Centre.

Okay, Saskatoon. You win.

Pissing off restaurants like Earls because we want real ranch.

We put ranch on EVERYTHING.

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