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17 Struggles Of Living Slightly Outside Of Regina

Life in the boons.
17 Struggles Of Living Slightly Outside Of Regina

Reginians like to complain about things being so far away even if they aren't. We've been through this before. It literally only takes 30 minutes max to get across the entire city. But yet, we love to add an element of exaggeration when it comes to transportation in and around the city.

For those that live outside of the city, we know all too well what it's like to be neglected for not living specifically in Regina. Our lives are kind of like a never ending bad first date, we always have to put in the effort. We live too far away, there's nothing fun to do, and driving on the highway seems to be such a scary endeavor for city people.

In reality, it may be somewhat of an inconvenience but when you put it into perspective it really isn't the end of the world. To end things off on a light-hearted note, here are a few common struggles that every person living slightly outside of Regina experiences.

You literally can't go anywhere if you don't own a car

Transit is non-existent so you're basically stranded if you don't have a vehicle to get into Regina.

Getting a cab home costs an arm and a leg

It's equivalent to 3 bottles of cheap wine, I've worked it out.

Your friends never want to come and visit you

Now we know how all you NOD people feel.

When your friends do drive out to see you, they can never find your place on Google Maps

9 times out of 10, you will end up calling them and directing them yourself.

Everyone from the city thinks that Pilot Butte, White City, and Balgonie are an hour away

False. They are all within 5-20 minutes outside of the Regina.

Most people pretend that they know where you live but they actually don't

This is a good opportunity to make bets with your friends on how long it takes them to find your place.

It takes at least 30 minutes to get anywhere but the East end on a good day

Rule of thumb: always plan ahead.

During the winter months, you have to add an extra 15 minutes onto your commute time

Just in case you get stuck behind a snow plow on your way to work.

The new 80 km driving zone is a huge inconvenience to your daily commute

It feels like an eternity to get into the city now.

The bypass construction keeps messing with your daily route

Why is there traffic lights in the middle of the highway?

You can use the excuse "the highways were bad" when you show up late for work

But you'll only get away with it during the winter months.

You always end up being the friend that drives

I mean you are already coming into Regina so it just makes sense, right?

If you don't have a place to stay in the city, you involuntarily have to DD so that you're able to drive home

Sober drives home at 2:30 am don't even phase you anymore.

Having to pack a mini suitcase if you plan on staying in Regina for an entire day

It's kind of like going on a mini-vacation.

Having to fill up your car twice as often as city kids because you're constantly driving in and out of Regina

If only you could get an "out of towner" discount on gas.

Options for fun are limited so you always have to go into Regina

Unless you want to have a date night at BPs and then hit up Boomers Air Park.

Constantly complaining about how you wish you lived in Regina

But secretly, you love that you live away from city life.

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