17 Struggles Of Being Single In Regina

Boyfriends not included.
17 Struggles Of Being Single In Regina

Let me get real with you here for a minute, being single is hard. It involves a lot of putting yourself out there in hopes of finding someone that's totally into you and vice versa. The trials and tribulations of modern romance can be difficult to get through when you've had so many bad dates that you'd rather just stay home and hang out with your cat.

At times, it seems a bit disheartening, especially when you realize that the majority of your friends are no longer single. You wonder if you missed out on the "how to get a boyfriend" memo and eventually cave into downloading Tinder for the 10th time until you get completely bored of it again.

Don't get me wrong, there are great things about being single too - you don't have to argue with someone about where to go eat, you can starfish sleep in your own bed, and you can literally do whatever the hell you want most of the time. It's fun and you should embrace it and that means taking in all the struggles that come along with it too.

You feel like you've been single for so long that you don't know how to even date anymore

Just curious, what is a relationship exactly?

Your days of bar hopping around Regina with your girls are over because they've all coupled off

Meanwhile, you've got your party dress on and you're ready to hit the dfloor at O'hans.

You've gotten used to taking yourself home after a drunken night at Lot Club

The only morning after regret you have is the Mcdonald's you picked up on the way home.

You've resorted to finding new girlfriends in Regina on Bumble in hopes of finding a wing woman/ partner in crime

Why is it always so much easier to meet girls than guys?

You know all too well that running into your ex happens more in Regina than anywhere else

Like when you're out having a good time at Vic's and he shows up, buzzkill.

You and your single friends always end up matching with the same guy on Tinder

Small city problems.

You've been on the dating scene long enough to know who all the Regina fvckboys are

Where are all the nice guys at?

You're constantly getting invited to parties where everyone is a couple

But they always subtly let you know before hand so you can bring a friend.

You're constantly on the look out for new things to do in Regina in hopes of meeting someone new

Because you've already conquered the Regina bar scene and it's not exactly a good place for matchmaking.

You've given up on finding meeting anyone new at Leo's or Vic's

But you still go there because that's where the free shots are.

You've been on Tinder long enough to know that the majority of Regina guys are fishermen

Seriously guys, what's with all the fish pics?

If you meet a cute Regina guy through a friend, the first question that always comes to your mind is, "Is he single?"

*wonders to self if that's a sign of desperation*

It seems as though your entire Facebook feed consists of people in Regina getting engaged or having babies

And there you are, posting pictures of your relationship with your pet.

The sight of excessive PDA at Regina bars makes you cringe

I'm so glad this vodka soda isn't slobbering all over me like a dog.

You find yourself missing what it's like to have someone to cuddle with after a bad day

But then you remember that your cat can fill that void.

 You're starting to get tired of doing the whole "let's go for drinks" thing


You've been reading all the Narcity Regina date night ideas and making plans with your girlfriends because you don't have a significant other

And that's totally okay, you don't need no man!

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