My family loves going out for dinner at Earls. Over the past couple years, it's become a tradition at least once a month (sometimes more) for us to snuggle up in our favorite booth, drink some wine, and order what seems to be the same thing every time. We love it because the food is always good and so is the service.

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We recently went there for dinner and I couldn't help but reminisce about my serving days as a fellow Earls girl. If I would have known that there would be a black jean dress code in the future, I might have stuck out the LBD days for just a little while longer. I'm sure that my girlfriends still working there are celebrating skirtless days by throwing a few high kicks into the air.

For myself, and those that have also retired from their Earls days, there are few things we don't miss like parm dip stains on all the black clothes we own or the sweltering hot patio days that made our legs stick together. But then there are the things we do miss like sharing hilarious serving stories, staying after work to get to know each other over drinks, and of course, getting to eat all the Earls food we want on staff discount price.

So in honor of the things we have a love-hate relationship for, here are 17 things that you'll only understand if you ever worked at Earls:

Having to serve that one section where all the underage teenagers host their birthday parties

They show up looking like money but you already know they aren't gonna tip you.

Carrying around those massive round trays to take food to tables

They're the real reason why our shoulders are so strong.

Figuring out how to properly plate said round trays to avoid a food-spilling catastrophe

There's a science to it, I swear.

Experiencing that one time Earls decided to switch out trays for wooden boards

Cue: major wrist cramps.

Having to polish the wooden boards with that smelly wax

And then dealing with the aftermath of the mini slip n' slide you just created.

Explaining to customers that parm dip is basically the same thing as ranch

Don't ever tell that to a die hard ranch lover, though.

Trying not to screw up on orders that have a ridiculous amount of mods

Can I have the Bigger Better Burger with no bun, cooked medium, extra pickle, no tomato and then a side salad with easy dressing and no croutons? Oh, and is it possible to get 3 OCs of ketchup too?

Wanting to cut people off from excessively ordering OCs of parm dip

No sir, you cannot have 5 OCs of parm dip with your Chili Chicken & Wonton Rice Bowl.

Having to come 15 minutes early to polish glassware in your section

*rolls eyes*

The "mandatory" one-inch heel rule

It's just about as fun as walking on hot coal all day long.

Having to serve on the patio in +30°C weather while wearing all black

Thank god for being able to wear sunglasses that cover up the mascara melting down our faces.

Experiencing stress-induced anxiety over the Earls food test

What if they ask me what Hunan means? Wait, what's the max number of peppers in a Hunan again?

Losing our minds the first time we witnessed the actual calorie intake of the Earls menu

And then swearing to ourselves we'd only ever eat fish tacos because they were the "healthiest" option.

Wanting to eat healthy while working but losing all inhibitions when you get a whiff of Sticky Toffee Pudding

*Vows to have only one bite but devours entire thing*

Acting like a bunch of vultures anytime there was free food in the back server area

You'd swear we hadn't eaten in 8 hours... Oh, wait. We haven't.

Having to explain why South Earls has a different menu than East Earls and vice versa

Everyone knows the south always gets cool things first.

Never getting to book time off with your friends because all your friends work at Earls too

So you spend most of your time off hanging out at Earls to visit your friends.