Instagram is our favorite visual playground for finding inspiration. Whether it's fashion, food, travel or art, we can find something that catches our creative eye only to send us down a spiraling photographic hole where we just keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling until we feel like our thumbs are going to fall off.

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As much as we should be finding other things to do besides staring at our phones, I'm going to play the devil's advocate on this one and give you another reason to get your scrolling thumbs out and browse through some Instagram profiles that will definitely give you a dose of daily photo inspiration from Regina, Saskatchewan, and all around the world.

Here are a few super talented Regina photographers, you need to follow on Instagram right now.

via @athirdtime

Jon Chan // @thirdtime 

via @jackrabbit306

Jackie Larkin // @jackrabbit306

via @lukelelee

Lucas Besth // @lukelelee

via @jubuckingham

Julia Buckingham // @jubuckingham 

via @trossrob

Taylor Ross-Robinson // @trossrob

via @scottagoodwill

Scott Goodwill // @scottagoodwill 

via @mybootsphotography

Christina Bourne // @mybootsphotography

Jamie Fitzel // @flyingmachines_ 

via @danielletocker

Danielle Tocker // @danielletocker

via @arthurimages

Arthur Ward // @arthurimages

Lisa Klassen // @lisa_klassen 

via @kiriakoiatridisphotography

Kiriako Iatridis // @kiriakoiatridisphotography

via @thecurliestgirl

The Curliest Girl // @thecurliestgirl 

via @faultyflipflap

Dustin Veitch // @faultyflipflap 

via @jasongrover

Jason Grover // @jasongrover 

via @hartmanc10

Chris Hartman // @hartmanc10

Herry // 

via @nicolegerhardtphotography

Nicole Gerhardt // @nicolegerhardtphotography