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19 Things To Do In Regina If You're Broke AF

When the cash flow is low.

Ahhh, the joys of adulthood. We spent our entire childhood waiting to get here and once we do, we wish we could go back! Who doesn't miss getting taken care of? It seems like as adults, we just can't seem to catch a break. Everything costs a fortune, yet our back accounts just haven't gotten the memo. How many times have you had to bail on plans with your friends because you're broke AF? More times than you've gotten paid this month, probably.

It might seem like everything that relates to fun in Regina always has to be expensive but the true is there's a lot of low-budget fun out there. Here are a few budget-friendly options that will get your mind off your chequing account and onto more fun things like $5 drinks at Vic's, local shows at the Artful Dodger and Rainbow Tuesdays.

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Spend an afternoon at the TAE Library.

The TAE Library is a hidden gem of Regina. Tucked away in the Artful Dodger, this library is a quiet and cozy place to curl up and read a book. Plus, if you pack a water bottle and some snacks, you can have a $0 dollar day. In the words of Arthur, having fun isn't hard when you have a library card!

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Catch a movie at the Rainbow Cinema on Tuesdays. 

If you're living on a $5.00 a day budget you can see a movie for $2.00 and even have enough change left over for a small popcorn. Winning!

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Go on a tour of the Legislative Building.

We spend a lot of time hanging around the ledge without actually going in it, why not brush up on your Saskatchewan history and take a tour inside? It's totally free.

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Spend a Saturday afternoon at the Farmer's Market.

The best thing about the Farmer's Market is that it's year round. Grab a coffee with a friend and browse through the local vendors. The good (but kind of sad) news is that food truck season is over so you won't be persuaded into spending all your money on perogies at Baba's.

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Go to Vic's for a Sunday Funday.

They have a $5 menu with 20 unreal deals on food & drinks. Caution, you might have to take Monday off after a night out at Vic's.

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Check out the Candy Cane Lane Holiday Light Festival.

This is basically Regina's version of The North Pole. Cruise around 7th Avenue North and Champ Cresent and view some of the best Christmas lights in the city. $3.00 will get you in to see the magical Winter Wonderland & North Pole Village displays.

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Rent a pair of skates and check out Regina Downtown's outdoor rink.

Ice Ice Baby.

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Go to a comedy show at The Laugh Shop.

Every Saturday night Fibber Magee's in the Ramada hosts various comedians turning the globe. The beer might not be free but at least the laughs are.

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Take a tour of Government House.

Time travel to another era at the Saskatchewan Government House. Think of it as a budget-friendly history class.

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Check out a local show at The Artful Dodger.

The Artful Dodger is the best place in the city to discover Regina's talent. Do your ears (and wallet) a favor and listen to some local voices.

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Go vintage shopping at T+A Vinyl and Fashion

There's a good chance you'll find something you love for under $20.

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Go on a tour of Stone Hall Castle.

It's Regina's latest tourist attraction and it's definitely worth checking out. FYI, you can have a Medieval-themed sleepover at it but you're gonna have to fill a few piggy banks up before you can afford it.

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Try a free community ride at Wheelhouse Cycle Club.

It's better to burn calories instead of dollars, right?

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Check out an Adult Science Night at The Science Center.

The Science Center wants to bring nerdy back. Each month, they host a fun-filled night of all things science with a side of alcoholic bevvys and snacks. Stimulate your brain for a cool $10 and check out the next event on Thursday, December 15.

Go for a walk at The Fieldhouse.

It's getting a little too chilly for outdoor walks at Wascana, but the Fieldhouse has a great indoor track to get a few laps in.

Substitute going for drinks for coffee dates instead. 

It'll save you money and a hangover. For those looking to hang out in someplace other than Starbucks, take a look at this list of 15 Regina Coffee Shops You Should Go To At Least Once In Your Life.

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Take a free dance class at The Artesian. 

People in the YRQ might not know how spicy Regina's latin scene is, but for those looking to shake things up, The Artesian is the perfect spot. They host a free Salsa Nights every Sunday! So, grab some friends and go shake yo' money maker.

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Spend an afternoon at The Floral Conservatory. 

There's no better way to escape the cold than spending an afternoon indoors stopping to smell the roses, literally.

Host a dinner party with friends with food from Local & Fresh.

Because sometimes staying in is better than going out. Especially, if you're broke AF.