19 Things That Will Confuse The F*ck Out Of Anyone Who Isn't From Regina

The weirdness is very real.
19 Things That Will Confuse The F*ck Out Of Anyone Who Isn't From Regina

Regina isn't your typical city. Most of the time, it's because it feels more like a really big small town than it does a thriving metropolis. We don't know what it's like to take the metro to work, to go out every night of the week, and to take part in exciting events like a Beyonce concert or a rooftop party.

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But we do get to drive ourselves around wherever we want, hang out at the same pub regularly with our friends and celebrate the fact that we're finally getting an H&M. To a big city person, Regina might seem a little bit weirder than your average city but it just isn't like us to follow suit, we kinda like to do our own thing when it feels right for us.

Sometimes, that can really confuse the f*ck out of people who aren't from Regina though but it just ends up giving us a good laugh because it's things like this are just normal everyday life for us:

1. We complain that a 20-minute drive across the entire city is sooo far

Meanwhile, commuting for over an hour is perfectly normal in bigger cities.

2. Regina is practically a ghost town every evening from Monday-Wednesday

Unless there's some sort of major event happening.

3. Driving on City Square Plaza even though it's a pedestrian walking area

This still confuses the f*ck out of us but we've gotten used to it.

4. We worship the Saskatchewan Roughriders like they're the Holy Grail

Don't you dare make a Darian Durant joke right now.

5. We rarely use our city's transportation services

It's faster to get around if we just drive ourselves places.

6. There's only one university and it's the University of Regina

And it's the place we go to hang out with our high school friends all over again.

7. We don't know where suburbs like White City actually are

If it takes longer than 10 minutes to get there, it might as well be across the world.

8. Getting through Regina airport security in under 10 minutes is normal

Unless everyone and their dog is going to Mexico on the same day.

9. Going to Craven every summer just so we can get drunk out of our minds and roll around in the mud

And pretend to like country music.

10. Getting outside of the city means a two hour trip to Saskatoon

It's the only other place in the province with an above average shopping mall.

11. We're five years behind on getting anything that's considered trendy

Our first H&M ever is opening soonish, NBD.

12. Meeting new people and then realizing you already have 30 mutual friends in common

Omg, you know Rebecca too? No way.

13. We find it odd when someone chooses to move to Regina from somewhere that is way cooler

So, what made you want to come here? *perplexed expression*

14. We never experience large groups of tourists visiting our city

Unless those tourists are in fact Canadian geese stopping by Wascana on their way through.

15. When we get all the major country stars to perform in Regina but no one else

Beyonce is way too good for us.

16. Not going to the bars on the Dewdney Strip once we reach our mid 20's

We spent too much time there in our early 20's and it's gotten old.

17. Realizing that there is a ridiculous amount of people who wear Silver jeans

And if it's not Silver jeans, it's Wranglers.

18. Frequently missing out on things because we never knew it was happening in the first place

You'd think for a small city we'd know what's going on but we don't.

19. Complaining about how much we don't like Regina but not doing anything about it

You know we're all guilty of this one.

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