21 Wedding Photographers In Saskatchewan That Will Make Your Big Day Magical

Love is in the air.
21 Wedding Photographers In Saskatchewan That Will Make Your Big Day Magical

Wedding season is upon us and it's only a matter of time before our social media feeds start to become a revolving door of sappy love posts, save the date reminders, and frantic hunts to find the absolute best wedding photographer. Planning for your special day isn't always a cakewalk, there are a million small details to consider and making sure that your future wedding album is on point is one of them.

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JL Photo // @jlphotocanada 

Motto: To create a lasting, beautiful, and authentic reflection of all that is you. 

My Boots Photography // @mybootsphotography

Motto: Freezing a moment in time and capturing it forever. 

Lisa Klassen // @lisa_klassen

Motto: Capturing a modern elegant curation of love.

Melissa Chapman // @white_lotus_studios

Motto: To create gorgeous, light, bright, romantic and emotive portraits. 

Danielle Tocker // @danielletocker

Motto: To quiet and honest moments in life and create images that allow people to feel something.

Jackie Hall Photography // @jackrabbit306

Motto: To capture the beauty in all of those who step in front of my lens.

Nicole Gerhardt // @nicolegerhardtphotography

Motto: To capture the beauty of the moment with ease and finesse.

Carey Shaw // @careyshawphoto

Motto: To convince you to let her take your picture. 

Jamie // @jlwphotography1

Motto: To create something that catches your attention and holds your gaze because when you look at it, it makes you feel a surge of emotion.

Collin Stumpf // @collinstumpftphoto

Motto: To presere memories and moments for future generations.

Nicole Romanoff // @nicoleromanoffphoto

Motto: To capture every magical moment in the most beautiful way.

Martine Sansoucy // @martinesansoucy

Motto: To move us beyond any words and travel us back in time to the fleeting moments in our lives and the people we love.

Copperblue Photography & Design // @tracycopperblue

Motto: To document everything about your adventures in love. 

Gina's Portraits // @ginaportraits 

Motto: Cherish every moment of the time you have with those you love… each day is a gift we are not guaranteed tomorrow

Courtney Jess Photography // @courtneyjessphotography

Motto: To capture the raw and organic connection of love. 

deMo Photography // @demophoto

Motto: To capture photographs that are real, raw, and honest.

Dane Roy Photography // @daneroyphoto

Motto: To capture magical moments of love.

Lisa Catherine Christoffel // @lisacatherinephoto

Motto: To create memories that enable us to hold on to life’s fleeting moments

via @stick_productions Stick Productions // @stick_productions

Motto: To create timeless photographs that are truly unique

OS-Photography // @osphotographyy

Motto: To create timeless images that capture natural beauty and candid emotion. 

Colleen Niska // @photographybycolleenniska

Motto: To capture the beauty of love and adventure.