23 Regina Musicians You Need To Add To Your Summer Playlist

Happiness for the earbuds.

Summer is an invitation for happiness. The sun is shining, the air is warm, and the days are filled with heavy doses of good vibes. The kind of good vibes we feel when we're spending time with the people we love listening to music that makes us want to lose ourselves in the moment and revel in the sweet goodness that is life.

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Speaking of sweet goodness, there's been a lot of that going around in the local music scene as of late. From the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Megan Nash to the high-energy hype of DGS Samurai Champs, the Regina music scene is riding on a high note and it doesn't look like it's about to come down anytime soon.

So get those good vibes rolling and add these 23 Regina musicians to your summer playlist:

Megan Nash // @megannashmusic

Genre: Indie Folk

Andy Shauf // @andyshauf

Genre: Folk with sophisticated pop

DGS Samurai Champs // @dgsamuraichamps

Genre: R&B/Hip-Hop

Ava Wild // @avaiswild

Genre: Folk/Acoustic Pop

The Dead South // @thedeadsouth

Genre: Bluegrass

LOA // @loaflomusic

Genre: New Wave/R&B

Poor Nameless Boy // @poornamelessboy 

Genre: Indie Folk

Andino Suns // @andinosuns

Genre: Latin/World

Danny Olliver // @dangolliver

Genre: Folk/Pop

Xana // @thisisxana

Genre: Electro Pop

Surf Dads // @surfdadsband

Genre: Indie Rock

Amy Nelson // @amynelsonmusic

Genre: Country

Nick Faye & The Deputies  // @nickfaye

Genre: Indie Rock

Kaeli Dane // @kaelidane

Genre: Folk/Pop

Belle Plaine // @blackpowderbelle

Genre: Roots/Vintage Blues

Son Howler // @sonhowler

Genre: Heavy Blues/Rock

Keiffer Mclean & The Curiosity Club // @keiffermclean

Genre: Contemporary Folk

Queen City Stoop Kids 

Genre: Rap/Hip-hop

Beauty Killed The Beast // @beautykilledthebeast306

Genre: Rock

Josh Gonzales // @definitelyjosh

Genre: Americana/R&B

Desert Island Classic // @desertislandclassic

Genre: Rock

Rah Rah // @rahrahband

Genre: Rock/Alternative

Scott Richmond //@scottrichmondmusic

Genre: Americana/Country