27 Places In Saskatchewan With The Weirdest Names

*raises eyebrow*
27 Places In Saskatchewan With The Weirdest Names

Every place has something that makes it unique. For Saskatchewan, it's the prairie flatlands that stretch for miles over the horizon and the peculiar names of the places within it. It's quite possible that Saskatchewan might be the top place in Canada for weirdest names per capita.

Each of these places has a rich history behind them and I'm sure they're quite interesting, to say the least, but sometimes you can't help to raise an eyebrow while you're driving down the highway and you come across a big beaver holding a sign that's Canada spelled backwards. You begin to wonder where urin the world you are but you forget about it and make a pit stop to drinkwater.

In light of all the absurdities that Saskatchewan life brings our way, here's a humorous take on the places with the weirdest names and what they're tag lines should be.


"Go somewhere else and find us later"


"Saskatchewan's Funny Bone"


"Here for a good time, not a long time"


"Keeping people hydrated since 1925"


"Thanks for visiting! We won't remember you."


"Life is better when you live it backwards"

Big Beaver

"We're really gnawed that big"


"Where babies are made"

Carrot River

"Ehhh. Whats up, doc?"


"Stuck in a hairy situation"


"Welcome to Erotica"


"Proud inventors of the Animal Cracker"


"The Gates of Narnia"

Uranium City

"We've got chemistry"

Cut Knife

"You'll find yourself at a fork in the road"

Foam Lake

"We're #1!"

Yellow Grass

"The grass isn't always greener"


"Loads of fun"

Old Wives Lake

"Leave your husband behind"


"Hopeless Romantics"


"The Netherlands's foreign cousin"

Earl Grey

"Come have tea with us"

Moose Jaw

"Welcoming you with a toothy grin"


"Just a bunch of cool people"

Onion Lake

"A real tear jerker"


"Home to the musically inclined"


"Urin in the middle of nowhere"

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