Time for the real Usask Confession: although we all love our beautiful campus, there are some serious struggles that come along with being a student at the University of Saskatchewan that we just can't ignore.

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Pretty sure we're the only university in Canada that has both stunning architecture and a campus barn — but although we might complain, we really wouldn't have it any other way. If you are, or have been a Usask student, here are 27 real struggles only you will understand.

1. Usask seems like an unreal time during Welcome Week, and then bam — the fun's over.

They really fool ya on that first week, don't they?

2. When all of your classes now require a clicker.

One more thing to buy everyone!

3. You paid $300 to get a parking spot at the Field House for the year, but you still have to walk 20 minutes to get to campus.

This is 100 times worse in the winter too.

4. Getting hit in the Place Riel Bus Terminal is a real fear.

Those bus drivers are waiting for no one.

5. There's a policy for when your marks have to be posted, but nobody seems to care.

Still, you savagely refresh the final grades page on PAWS every 10 minutes, fully knowing they're not gonna be there for a month.

6. You downloaded the Usask app purely to access the Starbucks library webcam.

If you're up on 5th floor Murray, you can totally creep on how long the line is without moving #blessed.

7. You took Music 111 just to have an easy class, but it was actually worse than Chem.

So much for an online elective.

8. When one side of your campus smells like a literal farm.

We know it's for research, but come on guys...

9. You get a random final scheduled in Engineering and you have to go 30 minutes early just to figure out where it is.

Guarantee finding the room is actually more stressful than your final.

10. When you leave your parking meter unattended for 3 minutes and get a ticket.

Yes, I did want to spend more money here, thanks.

11. When Tim's finally started accepting gift cards and you were way too excited.

Now you can finally use up those hoarded gift cards you got for Christmas!

12. You specifically head up to the 6th floor of Murray for peace and quiet, but someone is munching in the next cubicle.

Or talking on their phone — yes we can still hear it when you whisper.

13. Walking through the Arts Tunnel takes all your concentration not to make eye contact with anyone.

No, I'm not buying or signing up for anything today. Or tomorrow. Or ever.

14. You're hella sick of the food in Lower Place but you keep buying it every day.

Hmm... I guess it's Mac's hotdogs again....?

15. The daily struggle is real between adding an extra 10 minutes by walking through the tunnels, or sucking it up and going outside.

It's an impossible choice, really.

16. The USSU Help Centre practice tests save you during exam time.

Thank god for old midterms.

17. You were actually devastated when the College Drive Starbucks closed. 

Only one Starbucks on campus is a serious issue.

18. When PAWS is down for maintenance the one time you really need it.

Okay, looks like I won't be uploading that assignment to Blackboard tonight.

19. Group work in the library study rooms = death.

If you're in ESB, things are especially rough for you.

20. You spend more class time scrolling through Usask Confessions than listening to the prof.


21. While you scroll, you are also secretly hoping to see that someone posted a confession about you.


22. You get one email a day AT LEAST from someone in one of your classes, asking for the notes.

No, I'm not helping you. Pretty sure you're not sick.

23. When it's Reading Week but all your assignments and midterms are due right after the break.

Great, looks like I'll be spending my week in the library as per usual.

24. NEWS FLASH: Tuition is rising! Again!

Fun fact: Sask has the second highest tuition in Canada, after Ontario. #Yay.

25. You get invited to join a million Facebook groups during USSU campaign season in March.

And you respectfully decline all of them.

26. When you spot the campus celeb JStaxx and it's cray.

He was hover-boarding, of course.

27. When all your classes are in Arts except for one random one in Ag, and you have a 10-minute window to book it across campus.

This is the one time you're not appreciating the large spread of the campus.