It's September and we all know what that means - back to school time! If you're starting university this year, get ready for a whole lot of fun (and a whole lot of work too, of course).

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Being new to the whole university thing can be slightly overwhelming, but luckily we've got your covered for how to make the most of your time at the University of Saskatchewan.

Be sure to try out these 29 things during your first term, and you'll be guaranteed to have a term to remember!

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1. Go to the Homecoming Football Game and cheer on your fellow Huskies.

2. If you're living in res, do the toga run at the Homecoming Game - you'll be sure to remember the night!

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3. Do yoga in the Bowl as a break from classes.

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4. Check out all the booths and pick up free swag at Welcome Week.

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5. Capture a stunning fall photo of the campus covered in leaves.

6. Attend the welcome back Louis' House party and dance the night away.

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6. Get involved in the campus and join at least one club - you never know what you'll find!

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7. Grab lunch from the food trucks at Welcome Week to experience Saskatoon's food truck scene.

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8. Check out the campus Observatory for some amazing starry night views.

9. Attend at least one res party - they certainly know how to party in res.

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10. Get to know the uni's tunnel system before the winter hits and you realllyyyy need it (ahem, see above).

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11. Check out these incredible fall activities to do in Saskatoon, to distract you from your homework.

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12. Get to know Saskatoon's Broadway area for shops, cafes, and bars close to campus.

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13. Check out Saskatoon's cheapest drinks to find your new favourite weekend spot.


14. Find your favourite spot in Murray - there's a floor (and noise level) for everyone.

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15. Buy some Usask swag at the Bookstore and show your school pride.

16. Actually do something fun on Reading Week and treat yourself after all your hard work.

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17. Check out LB5Q, an amazing outdoor party hosted by business students every year.

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18. Try out some of Saskatoon's newest restaurants that popped up over the summer, to get to know the YXE food scene.

19. Get dressed up and go on one of the many themed pub crawls offered by various campus clubs.

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20. Sip on your favourite warm beverage at Louis' Loft and catch up with a friend.

21. Pull an all-nighter - are you even a student if you don't do this at least once?

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22. Try out a fitness class at the PAC and get your sweat on.

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23. Check out the city of Saskatoon's most Instagrammable places and up your Insta game.

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24. Warm up after walking across campus with one of the delicious soups at STM Choices Cafe. 

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25. Check out one of the concerts at Louis' and enjoy a fun atmosphere with great music.

26. Eat your way through the Marquis Hall Buffet to try some delicious Usask fare.

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27. Check out the Usask Archives for old throwback photos of the campus. 

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28. Visit the field of statues and sculptures behind the Education Building for great art and photo opps.

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29. Take a classic #Usask photo with your friends in front of the Peter MacKinnon Building.